we’ve been spun enough, damn it

well, i’m trying to tune into the news again … and after listening to 10 minutes of CRAP after there is only like 1 fact and the rest of it is spin and rhetoric …. i’m like screw this i’m done.

as in … let ABC and CBS and MSNBC weave what they like. i’m tired of having them take so DAMN much TIME to do it! the exact same amount of real NEWS and facts could be transmitted in 1/10 th of the time.

i think they’re getting their cues from the bullshit cable news … that’s dragging everything out in attempts to fill up the space. and of course murdock and fox with who knows what the frack they are up to.

but i’m like … can we just get the facts? is it that hard …? i REALLY don’t want to know how “disgusted” you are with the situation, i don’t care what you feel is necessary when it comes to making sure the public takes the bent you want them to take from it. and then i don’t care what expectations you expect with creating reverse-psychology scenarios.

i’m just getting tired of having to dissect the REAL happenings from all the bullshit. you know that it’s less taxing at this point to get U.S. news from FOREIGN distribution sources? lol …. that’s insane.

am trying to see if CNN is a little less annoying — so far seems a little more to the point. but i’m so disgusted and of a mind, that it might just be wishful thinking.


Feedback always welcome

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