Joy that is not a joy: continuing damage by anti-bacterial soaps

if something is ‘anti-bacterial’ but doesn’t STATE that it’s anti-bacterial ………..should there be some sort of oversight by FDC to make sure that ‘anti-bacterial’ products are not packaged as ‘normal’ products?

why ask? well, we have a big problem with the anti-bacterial dish soaps. ok, maybe not big, but annoying as hell. life is about balance … stay with me here … am just explaining for those that don’t know how the process works. so, when you REMOVE one thing, you may open the door for its COMPETITOR to take that “spot.”

it’s the same reason, that if you remove too much bacteria from your vaginal area, you are definitely going to get a yeast infection. for those who know about that particular reality.

when comes to dish soaps …. you kill off the bacteria …. and what do you get? mildew up the ass. and i mean, stinky ass sponge, and then that stink gets on your hands …. and it’s just plain nasty. i fought it for YEARS … thinking “oh well” …. because HEY, the soap i’m using is the cheap kind that is supposed to just be soap, and the imbalance must be caused by something else.

in fact — ended up wasting more sponges due to having to bleach them continually — from the extra mildew. but there appears to be only one brand out there of dish soap, that is NOT simply using the same anti-bacterial formula for all its products.

in other words, when you buy the lemon joy …. that is supposed to just be soap …. it’s actually the same formula as the anti-bacterial. they just make it ALL anti-bacterial — and then package the “orange” color as the anti-bacterial and the “yellow” goes under ‘lemon.’

how do i know this? proof is in the damn pudding. because the plain yellow lemon joy is killing bacteria left and right and leaving me with a stinky sponge.

am not here to promote a product …. so won’t tell you which soap DOES NOT leave everything reeking of mildew. but will tell you that it was the one in the old-days whose priority was to soften hands. that “fluffy-for-appearances” brand is now the only effective utilitarian brand.

because all the others are cutting corners on production and making all their soaps anti-bacterial. so am assuming, that there is no government requirement that a product be listed as having anti-bacterial properties when it does.

in today’s “changing world” …. where we have some very REAL medical issues involving the balances, and specifically bacterial-balance ……… the public very-much needs these designations on their products. part of the “sinus” issues so many now suffer —- are directly related to heightened incidences of molds and mildew — given free rein w/all the anti-bacteria propaganda nonsense.

holy shit …. i even see them putting the hand-crap in the stores NEXT TO THE PRODUCE! that’s bad …. as in, how fucked do you want us to be? but when you have these masses believing in “end of world” stuff — convincing themselves that they’re going to make god save them — they don’t care. and more importantly — the fat cats at the heads of these companies don’t care.

the only angle we’re getting right now against complete bacterial-anhilation, is that prisoners in jail and children, are DRINKING hand-sanitizer due to its alcohol content. so hopefully that will reduce its use.

i mean …. what is your goal? you think are going to kill off ALL bacteria and all mildews and all? good going … now what makes your DIRT? to GROW your FOOD? lol …. you can’t without fucking it all. so going that direction, to get “ultra-bent” on eradicating bacteria …. is retarded.

as in you’re being fucking stupid. we need to get RID of the anti-bacteria products. the doctors have known this for years. packaging them as if they are NOT anti-bacterial — is a disservice to the public. not FULLY informing the public on the dangers of anti-bacterial products — is a disservice.

PS: my sinusitis has diminished since switching to a real-soap-based product. how many doctor’s bills and doctor’s visits do you think we can credit to the anit-bacterial soap industry? AND …. why do you think they’re all scared as fuck once the government becomes more responsible for the BILLS, and therefore more of a concern as to WHERE those bills are coming from?

another EXCELLENT question …. is what kind of TIES do we have, between the anit-bacterial/hand-sanitizer industries …… and the sinus-pill industries? again …. we put a “damper” on that by requiring ID for purchase: but WHO is PAYING for all these chess moves? the lower classes …….. the increases in meth production got that round handled, and the publicizing of dangers. the jails …. the children. used to prohibit the use of hand-sanitizer (which adequate information to the public is what should be doing that).

there was ONE time and use for the anti-bacterial soap — and that was when i used it to wipe counters down AFTER experiments w/ very dangerous forms of bacteria. e coli and some even worse for human exposure. some micro-biological instruction — we grew these in petri-dishes and studied the samples under microscope.

were instructed to “wipe down” the counters with this orange soap after every class. but that was probably an experiment in and of itself … i wonder what kind of a growth you could do off anything left on those counters?

but letting the public get more ill with increases of molds and mildew and decreases in bacteria causing even greater problems w/digestion to the point that they are SELLING YOGURT to put bacteria in your system …. for WOMEN, who are more commonly exposed to these anti-bacterial soaps …. it’s this cycle of “enforced-consumerism” (and i’ll coin that term if it’s not already used) ………that needs to be broken, for our society to move forward in an honest manner toward being realistic and valid caretakers of our world.

i mean ……. unless these same companies are footing the bill for things like our satellites around the sun that are monitoring coronal activity (that’s some costly stuff) ……… but unless they are needing all that money to foot the bill for something of that nature …….. there is no excuse for this kind of irresponsibility to mankind and your fellow HUMANS.


2 Replies to “Joy that is not a joy: continuing damage by anti-bacterial soaps”

  1. Totally agree with your rant here!! I had no idea that the anti-bacterial dish soap I’ve been using was responsible for that horrible mildew smell and stuff on my dish rags and sponges! I swear, E, I’ve been bleaching everything and trying to figure out if it was just the water coming out of the tap to try and get rid of it! Now I know!! So thanks! 🙂 Also I think I know which soap you were talking about when you said it doesn’t cause overkill with the mildew – starts with a P, right? Definitely going to get some of THAT when I go to the store this week. You’re right that it’s all about money. Anything to make a buck, regardless of who gets sick or suffers from it. Btw, with the yeast infection thing, have found that filling those plastic applicators from tampons with the ‘good’ kind of plain yogurt and then freezing them is a LOT cheaper than buying the OTC stuff.

  2. since don’t indulge in those funny n hairy ape like things these days — not one prob w/yeast. actually, have other side cause like soaking in the tub! n that can do w/ salt — saline. guess why they created bath salts.

    glad could help w/ sponge issue. and yea, one w/ the P. am not a “brand” person so sort of galls me. but found some smaller bottles at the dollar store

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