we had a machine that dripped solvent onto the plastic parts, to seal the joints–where the tubes fit into the stop-cocks.  i was just a line supervisor, but came onto my shift and saw the worker they had at the solvent station.  she was about 7 months pregnant.  so i went up to her, “you don’t sit there.  being that close to the solvent isn’t good for the baby, they should have known that…we’ll need to get somebody else to work this station.”

we had those sort of paper-masks that will filter out a smell but not prevent the passage of smaller air-borne particulates.  i knew it.  was no real protection from the effects of this chemical solvent.  for that you would need an actual gas-mask or hasmat suit.

we were working a clean room, and the reason for these masks was to keep saliva and spit IN … not harmful chemicals OUT.  but somebody convinced them it would protect them from the solvent gases.  and the next day they had the pregnant woman working the solvent station again in a white paper mask.

i guess that was the point where i saw something different

(click to enlarge)


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