why is windows 7 64 bit slower than 32 bit?

am i the only one going WTF? windows outfits every new system now, as a 64 bit windows 7, and yet has little to no ambitions in the makings, for software support?

where is the new 64 bit windows media player 13? one that actually WORKS with windows 7? what is the hold up on a flash version for a 64 bit browser? what is the hold up on a mozilla 64 bit browser? what is the FUCKING point of building 64 bit, and then instead of new 64 bit software, you concentrate on creating “compatibility” plugins? it makes no goddamn sense, if you were going to do that, why not be giving consumers a CHOICE to save the hassle and purchase a NEW 32 bit system?

because by the time you get done playing doctor, the 64 bits are running SLOWER than every 32 bit system. gee, nice work.

are those of us who bought 64 bit machines, going to be like those who invested in beta-tape video players or 8-track tapes? it was a nice idea, but we decided not to go there ….

why do i ask now? because for the Nth time am trying to figure out WTF’s up with windows media player in windows 7. NOW it gets partway through a file, and decides it can’t play it? that’s retarded …. makes no sense whatsoever. yet here i sit, wondering why i think it’s worth it? MY time. because i already spent too damn much money on this new system ….and you keep hoping that they’ll get it right.

yes, windows 7 starts up and sits there nice and pretty. as long as you don’t ask it to DO anything, you’re fine! lol ….and i realize many issues can be due to 3rd party software, and so forth.

HOWEVER … the biggest problem is that they made it too complicated, so that the smallest case of something not jiving can throw a wrench in things.

it’s like, instead of having one smooth column made out of granite, they decided to chop it up and put it together like pieces of a puzzle …. and the only “why” i get, is because they are a bunch of retards. it’s either that, or complete sell-out to private interests. and i prefer to think of knuckleheads as being stupid, over being evil.

with as far away as they seem to be, in developing an ACTUAL 64 bit OS ….. (one that isn’t mostly 32 bit software) ……….. doesn’t it seem like they jumped the gun a bit, in pushing the 64 bit machines on the public like this?

and comes back to performance, and how a 64 bit that is running “compatibility” software all the time, to run the 32 bit programming …. is SLOWER than just having the damn 32 bit machine!

helloooooooooooooooooooo? anybody home ……… does this make sense to you, for them to set it up this way? oh, it’s so DOWN the ROAD they can add more 64 bit software? yea, right …. and by that time windows 7 will be obsolete, quad core processors will be obsolete, they will be announcing cessation of support, and you’ll have to buy new hardware anyway.

so this is a waste. all it has done is slow everybody down, when they have the processor and memory support to be much faster. that’s all windows 7 64 bit has done.

they don’t seem to get the point … that you should be REDUCING the number of processes needed for an OS ….not continually increasing it. it’s like the way government and politics are run …. come to think of it. rather than building something right in the first place, you half-ass it quickly, and then spend 10 times the resources patching it up.

all i wanted was to watch a stupid video file. a basic .avi …. half the world can do it, with zillions of ‘free’ software video players ….. but windows 7 64 bit and windows media player decide they don’t need to have any type of consistency on this.

and i wouldn’t be so pissed, but for ALL the bugs that drive me crazy, and come across …. are already reported and KNOWN. and they aren’t fixing them. ok? they just aren’t. something is taking precedent, like it’s more important for them to keep their media spyware in place. things like that. but we’re talking bugs that should have been ironed out as much as 2-3 years ago.

that’s why i’m pissed. goes a little while, and ok, that’s incompetence. but goes for as long as some of these bugs have hung around, and we’re talking about deliberate neglect. why? i don’t know, but if you walk into windows headquarters today, knock on the doors …. will it be a ghost town? is there one guy sitting behind a desk, picking his nose with one hand and tapping the screen with the other?

is it a deliberate mask of incompetence, to drive computer users into spending more, much more, on the “better” apple, which is probably really owned by the same person?
hey, it’s been done before, one of the oldest tricks in the book …..because none of this makes sense. not one goddamn bit.

is it too much to ask? maybe. everything is cheaply made in china anyway, and all they want is some room to breathe. but when fixing something costs LESS in the long run …….. it doesn’t make sense to keep fucktarding it. there is like no reason for this kind of programming. this extraordinary amount of neglect in hammering out bugs.

you’d think we were going down, with the rats fighting over the last bits of cheese before jumping ship. because this isn’t the america i know. the america i know does it right the first time, and doesn’t take a house to fall on them to fix it, if they don’t.


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