Jesus is an icon

Jesus is an icon

not a person

soiled underwear is soiled underwear

logic is a dream

dreams are built, not grown

if you stand on truth
will those standing on belief see lies?
if your regard is for beginnings
will those who wait at their ends
see only the finish?

i combine red and blue
but i do not paint purple

drive for black and white
but i do not smoke gray

the tune of reality
is that you can persuade me to anything

but if a boat doesn’t hold water it sinks
end of sentence

there is not room for stupidity
when stupid gets you killed

the ship sits alone in a bottle
the bottle floats alone at sea

the world isn’t what we decide it to

god is greater

because the dream was always more
and that comes with optimizing less

the judgment is this:
to decry that which you follow
in a different suit
is more saturated of wrong
than that which you decry

to pretend open-mindedness, only to be more closed on an open road
is to elicit pity from me
to make way for the blind

but 7 came and went

it’s all FOLLOW
can’t you see what i am doing is staking the paths?

only when you know what IS
can you find what IS NOT

creation doesn’t mean backing, creatively

it means fronting

with what is new —————— the waking careless…
from both sides

the strongest stands are those that are shared
but the bravest stands
are those accomplished,

and with God, if you believe in one.
sometimes the only combatant for arrogance

is imagination.

sometimes the only way to make a point
is to be one

Jesus is an icon

Me ———— i don’t swear to the hopes of man

You ————– be what you will. but do not look here for a mirror. my own sees the sky. and the cell you placed ME.

to think
to be what nobody else could reserve

one so foolish as to have no fear
one so dead there is no deference to alive

one who was created to discern that creation
and move the opposite

for the only way you get a compass is consistency
the difference of where we point is how the roads tangle … and remain

i understand what it takes to jump on that boat
but knew it was sinking the moment i saw the fliers on the board
at the university computer lab

you cannot decry something
you follow in a different suit

the only way to about
is to change the unchangeable

to say fuck you to the right people dressed in pink
and to say hello
to those who keep it on their tongue

Jesus is an icon
i carry my own weight … barefoot ………

and, generally ……….forgiven

for the most part
tied to my own knowledge
of the strength in a bent knee

and the weakness in my own soul

and burned by the only passion that is worth our time
to seek the result of your indecisions
to say i’m sorry
but this
is where reality


this is where the compass becomes the scale
and the gold
is indigo plaster

is where we dig the line … and

so i cannot embrace a faith that says we dig no lines
life is more important than death

and always will

bailing a boat
is more important than building new ships

therefore you are more important than me
and i am never more important
than God

and the point is to exist …..
multiplying … well, that’s optional
but forever goes on
with or without us

what else to have you see …………..
there IS such a thing as spirit
sometimes the deadpan are more wise

if you listen to the words, can you read the face?
if you hold the face, can you hear the message?

the wrong thing is not seeing me as false
the wrong thing is believing you needed to find someone true
where is the belief that you are original?
where do you find the difference in your own concerns?

i do not match a pattern
because the twists and turns
throw off those inclined to ride

and the ones who walk beside you
realize you are going
where they have already been

i guess that’s enough fucked up “cryptology”
remember i give a damn
because it’s part of me

not because it’s something i wished to appear

Jesus is an icon.

what are you?


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