one-half of a conversation on mental health

well, so many don’t even understand the concept of humanity … and have the in-built belief system that there is truly something different that differentiates you and i, from them. they truly believe that ….don’t understand there is no difference between whoever has been tagged crazy and who hasn’t.

i was on that side of the fence once …. so i know the blindness of it. it’s a stereotypical foundation for certain elements of united states society … a guarantee of some sort that even the lowest member is always above those caught and tagged “crazy.” and then, of course, crazy are the ones designated to make fun of, and to ridicule … you can’t call someone ‘nigger’ but you get to torment the nuts as much as you want (how many times do you hear now, someone called bipolar or manic depressive as a put-down?) …. this differentiation works as a societal outlet for mass anxieties. which are substantial, since their biggest problem is fear.

and we’ve sort of been sacrificed on their alter to give them something to fear. i’m not sure who decided to work things this way, but it’s constructed. this is not normal human behavior …. if anything, in most societies, those of “crazy” nature are elevated to the stature of prophet or holy person. you will consistently find better psych workers are from other countries, such as japan or india — because they don’t have the fear programed into them.

most of us “nuts” are pacifist … not violent as portrayed. the majority of psych questioning and confusion, is that the pacifist does not understand the expectations of those infused with violent natures.

i don’t know if holistic methods will have any better answers … but they won’t be worse. kind of hard to go below the standards most mental clinics deem adequate. it’s also the really lazy ones, that go to jobs like that. AND the ones that like telling funny stories at parties …. they figure working a psych job will give them plenty of fodder to be the life of the party with all kinds of ways to make fun of other people. i’ve actually had the idiots at the center here in salt lake, try to bait me and ask for stories of the worst “crazy” things i ever did! isn’t that stupid?

but they’re immature …. never grow up. permanently stuck in grade school antics and ….. well, like i said, stupid. some are compassionate and care – but that doesn’t make them more helpful. just less annoying.

and the ones that are pointed or focused in the need to torment and cause harm (generally the youngest child in a family, having been tormented continually from their siblings — consider “growing up” a matter of power to torment others)

what mental health needs are intelligent ones with the balls to bring about some changes in the system …. and it’s just not happening. myself could get a degree and fight for it — and i’d lose. they are too set in methods ALREADY proven —scientifically proven —- to be ineffectual.

and only reason can think of, is that the goal is NOT to bring about peace, tranquility or healing …. but rather to enforce the degrees by which to “set apart” certain members of a society to take the brunt of negative actions and negative emotions. because what they are doing is almost diametrically opposed to what they should be doing, to bring about mental or spiritual healing. so the only conclusion, is that the process is deliberate.

i wonder if china’s any better? lately been thinking about moving to a different country! lol. maybe italy would be fun …..


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