Oracle bought Sun, and seeks revenge on HP

after spending most of the morning trouble-shooting java, with no success ….

i hear on public broadcast news, that oracle bought out Sun and Sun java, which had already guessed since the install program had “oracle” splashed across it.  but the interesting tidbit they included was that Oracle has new management itself.

the top dog they hired, just so happens to be one that HP FIRED for ethics violations.   and they had the balls to claim HP did good with him there, when reality is that americans are starting to buy american.

but find it tad suspicious …. today, for no reason whatsoever, the Java stops working right on my HP machine?

coincidence?  i don’t know …. cleaning java cache did nothing.  so uninstalled every bit of Java, deleted leftover java files in local and program data locations.  rebooted, and reinstalled java …. and same problem.  will have to try it again with cleaning out all java registry entries.  but so far,  there is no sound for applets.

well, the quickest way to get things done is not through HP or Sun/Oracle …. but telling Pogo i’m going to need a refund since Java no longer runs their applets with sound.

then we’ll see if game sites like pogo are willing to give up all their HP customers ….this new guy at Oracle sounds like a dickwad.

and i am going to make a prediction, that within a year they develop a new java platform that you have to pay for to use.  i’d put money on it.

in the meantime, i can use linux to get around the sound issue … and god damn Sun for winning the rights to java against microsoft.  if they hadn’t been such fucks, we’d all have java built in (and microsoft java is better with less bugs).    now they sell out to Oracle … and god knows what’s going to happen.  might as well have put the devil in charge of the internet.


now get to eat my words, because on the off chance it was my sound card, i switched the setting from surround to stereo …. and now it works.

still probably some software change in the java …. hard to really say now.  ’cause the realtek sound card never DID want to acknowledge my old surround sound system and only plays 2 of its 6 speakers most the time.  they do that to get you to buy new stuff.

buy buy buy.

have had these speakers since albuquerque.


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