– Poetry


i need pinstripes
on my umbrella

polka dots
on a careless moon

if they ask me
if i’m a lucky fella

i’ll say “no”
but won’t you come back soon

it drifted farther than i ever thought i could stand
it sunk desire like a stone in the sinking sand

there was a time i thought you were right
because i wanted you to be

the one thing i could depend on
in a world that worships insanity

because … they need pinstripes
on every black umbrella

they need polka dots
on this careless moon

and if they ask me
“aren’t you a lucky fella?”

i”ll say ‘come back soon’
come back soon

i thought we had it figured out the last time
when cracker jacks was all a body needed

i thought we had the answers in the fields where answers came
but you build a building
it echoes all the same ….

the parks are darkest at night when you never care
and the mountains are aching
on the tip of a bursting sun

we desired the best
when the best was a matter of where
so we took chocolate and coated our hopes
while we ate on the run

when we need pinstripes
on the fleshless umbrellas

and polka dots
on a waterless moon

it you’re simply alive
that means you’re a lucky fella

but don’t mistake luck
for a cleverless tune ….

every day i wake deciding it will be good
every night i promise god that i will at least try
and every answer questions answers
as well it should

and every question holds the tears
for our good-byes

because ….

we’ll paint pinstripes
on every umbrella

dance some polka dots
on a careless moon

and we all wind up as dust
’cause we’re lucky fellas

but we’ll make some room …

 why don’t you come back

2010 eebrinker http://www.fit2c.com – all rights reserved


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