a note from the devil

An answer
To the ever-tightening noose
Of outsmarting yourself

The more you find the path to free
That path logged and closed
You find another
Again closed

A labrat to discover the ultimate punishment of mankind


You can be strapped and bound in a coffin
And still leave
The mind finding its pathway to freedom

But what if those pathways are also mapped?
And you are done
Your punishment complete

The concept of no-mercy has its destination
But without no-mercy
We have no rule

What pathway to this?

Because the noose gets ever-tighter
As we condemn and judge ourselves
Not trusting in our action
But rather, every-action

Is their punishment?
Is there reward?

Do we come down or go up?
Is the now that important?  Is tomorrow MORE important?

If the noose tightens
Do they understand?  The maker of the rope can un-make it
Dissolve existence in the blink of un-decision

The power and  holding that is the only answer.
The delusion based on the reality of perception
Not the distraction of belief

The times you have watched it quake
Fold-in and dissolve
Rupture into re-made

Don’t piss me off
But do
Make me angry and bring the fury to bear
Rampaging on the outskirts of open
I have given clues
To watch you squirm at your defeat

It won’t be me
I have one last card

Always one more

That’s what it means to have the spirit of god
You don’t run out of paths
You can’t be conquered by math and computation

Because a dream
Even a dream ……….. Conquers time

And a mind
Any and all minds …….. Can conquer a
Divinity of stupidity

To live in light of darkness is not a choice
But a


You can kill the giver …. Sure
But not when the giver is the true god
The real delivery in the understanding of evil
Knowledge of the dirt


The reason I am not afraid
Though I know the plans …. The reasons for duplicity
Though I see the signs and read the faces

It doesn’t matter how many times you bow
Holding a button is of an ultimate mercy
Willing to take care and use

Betray your own belief for the sake of holding one last card
Always one more

Life will settle into the good or bad
But the bad will be a weight of space
In that you will only be allowed good or nothing


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