Response to a soldier memorial

there’s debate whether should even be in Afghanistan … but there’s always debate.  only thing i find tad alarming are stats on every country that has ever tried to get that place under control.  i guess since we basically took down russia, it’s appropriate that becomes our headache. 

i think each individual soldier has to decide what they are dying and fighting for … and the main thing any citizen can offer is respect, regardless of motivation and regardless of outcome.  I don’t believe every one–every soldier–fights for us, and i don’t believe each one fights for freedom.  many don’t even know their history or what freedom truly IS.  many fight to get a paycheck … many fight to fight.

as much as one wants to memorialize death …. i would prefer to memorialize life.  show us the people who are getting to eat because we are there.  show us the children who are still alive because the united states took a stand. 

as for the faces of the dead … remember a salute is not an avenue for tears.  to be a soldier is to die well … and that means leaving behind pride, not anger… and certainly not sorrow.  never numbers.  death is a reflection of what we didn’t do right … a tally of wrong moves.  not a measure of right or wrong intent. 

so i agree and disagree with such a blog …. for it assumes that every american takes their fighting force for granted.  and they don’t.  because I don’t.  we don’t need faces shoved in our face, because i pray every day that other pathways are found, rather than young death.

and it does no service to the dead, to detract from the meaning of sacrifice in holding the meaning of battle as senseless.  saying “they died for you” is a statement from the mouth of a child.  reasons are much more complicated than that, and if glorification were that easy … we would all be in fatigues looking for blood.


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