this and that: hip hooray! found solution

i’m happy … got the small monitor working again.  might be a resistor that takes an hour or more to ‘warm up.’  though i like to stick to the story that windows decided to fuck Acer.  because it was fine until the one time i forgot to adjust my settings and let windows turn off the monitor.  since that point, the on off doesn’t work right on it anymore.

and would consider the windows conspiracy theory to be bunk, except that when i went to research it, there’s like a zillion others that got the same problem.  i have another theory that the reason is because it’s a digital (dvi-d plug) monitor made before they put in the HD blocking.  so somebody decided any device that allows digital signal without the new scramble ability …. is targeted.

it’s probably just the resistor.

have figured out how to get the icons set up right for my organizer files.  is a little complicated, and you have to run a command line for every file … after manually changing the paths on the desktop ini’s.  but seems to work.  now to decide where to put it.

would make the most sense to have it install in the user files.  then install a desktop shortcut.  but would mean needing to install the dll’s in system 32.  but that way the files could be moved anywhere on the computer, and they would still keep their icons.

or, i could tailor it all to windows desktop …. not even use an install program …. and the user just puts the files on the desktop.  to keep their icons, they would have to stay on the desktop, though.  or at least the main folder with the icon dll would.

but if want to be able to switch out icon sets for the organizer in the future, then using system 32 would be how to do that.   would have to make it so a new installation of icons took out the old one ….. or hmmmmmmmmmm ….. going to need a switch of some kind.

looks like i’m looking at either a simple build that goes straight to desktop or files, or the building of a whole file interface program.  will chew on that for awhile, and in the meantime make the simple desktop or user files version.

tried icon packager, but i don’t like how it works.  it places many of the icons in its own temp folder, and then directs the registry paths there …. rather than to the original icon file.  that way when your trial period is “up” …. they can pull out and leave the user with no icons and no way to fix it even back to the windows default.

and more importantly, i think to get some of the folder icons changed, the icon packager has wiped out the standard windows imageres.dll ….. or changed the registry path to where windows can’t find it.

then they put those windows icons in a temp folder too…. so basically looks to be geared to really fuck up your display if you don’t pay to keep it.

no way going to hook to that train.  can you imagine the amount of complaints would have to field?  and directing a user to repair their registry is like the hardest technical help to do.  so i’m going to make my own install programs for the windows icons.  might have to restore my machine from a system image ………. or do the build on the laptop.  to make sure am not dealing with any changes icon packager has made.

but creating an install package for a windows theme or just new icons, should be fairly straightforward.


Feedback always welcome

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