Of note: African American statistics and the results of hate

A victim is less likely to achieve

And an angry person is more likely to land in jail


I think the African American US citizen has been played



Watch any old black and white tv show or movie with African Americans, and the lack of chips on the shoulders really stands out. The difference in attitude, it’s like night and day. Not that civil rights and all else weren’t necessary … but somebody took that a notch farther. Sort of a reverse psychology in a very effective revenge.


A victim is less likely to achieve

And an angry person is more likely to land in jail


That’s what they did to them.


Who are ‘they?’ media, for starts. Maybe the germans, who knows. They were always into the psychological warfare. All I know, is the people in those old films are HAPPY. And you don’t see that anymore. Angry and happy don’t mix. ‘sullen’ and ‘content’ do not share the same neighborhood.


… and being ticked MORE simply increases the spiral downward. So it’s also a trap.


I always noted, that while teaching every white kid to be ‘not-seeing-color’ … they were teaching African Americans in our neighborhood to hate. Well, always thought that was the fault of the water … but maybe it’s whoever is leading the horses to drink … in a very deliberate move.


You start the hate, and then the hate gets self-justifying-self-prophecy by encouraging stony regard for sullen and misdirected spite. So it propagates itself.


You see the happy faces of the black people in the old movies, and realize how devastating all that hate is to a people. If a community lives in anger, fear is a constant state. That increases adrenalin production to complicate even further, with more medical and circulatory problems, as well as more domestic unrest.

It’s a trap.


A psychological bomb.


African American males 15-29 represent 14% of the population, yet fill the jails to the tune of 40% of prison populations. 20% live in poverty, verses 10% of Anglo males. Unemployment is twice the rate. Death rates are higher, though this is largely due to homicides rather than general health. *


A victim is less likely to achieve

And an angry person is more likely to land in jail


The only way to stop a spiral is cold turkey … put on the brakes and keep the pedal down



* http://www.kff.org/minorityhealth/upload/7541.pdf



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