One of the horsemen

Whoever designed the ports for USB … is evil. That person looked at something, and said, why don’t we make it so you can’t tell which way to plug it in?


That has to be equal to wasting millions of hours of people’s lives, first trying to plug the USB in one way, and then having to turn it over to try plugging it in the other way.


Yes there are slight differences …. But memory storage in the HUMAN brain is rather limited.


And I can never remember which is which … am lucky if I can remember which foot is left and right. Remember when you were a kid, and having to remember that? Well …. I would rather waste my time trying putting the USB in either way, than placing another permanent memory on something that was built wrong in the first place. I would rather spend my time being pissed off … and wondering at the type of mind that could make this the standard.


Had to either be an asshole, or someone incredibly out of touch. And now we’re stuck with it. That has to be one of the signs of the apocalypse … a plug designed so you can’t tell which way to plug it in. yep … that’s not even PRETENdiNG that logic still lives.



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