Flipping the Dime

Have realized these people I’m trying to get information from, must be like 12 year old boys. But what do I expect from a torrent forum?

Trying to find out why 2 specific files from utorrent are written in Chinese. Lol…and if indeed, they are legitimate program files. And it’s like asking a merchant ‘why are these bananas you are selling me brown?’ and getting an answer ‘because brown is the color of these bananas.’

Sometimes I don’t get people…and then I really don’t get people. They kept going on about the bittorrent editor … something called bencode … and they didn’t seem to get it that you can open up any file or program in a text editor like notepad, and see how it was written.

What it looks like, is an executable file in Chinese, is part of the utorrent programming. (and they even say in their literature that some of their ‘dat’ files are actually binary strings and programs) And from the little I understand, the dht is what listens at the port for incoming packages, or the parts of the torrent that you are trying to download. but here’s the kicker: utorrent lists these executable files, as DAT files. So they aren’t getting the scanning that would normally happen on an executable. And they aren’t stored with the program files, but rather put in roaming appdata files, and hidden by being listed as system files.

Why all the cloak and dagger? I like how nice and simple utorrent has been … quick start up and fast downloads. But for being ‘the largest bit torrent client’ … you would think their programming would be a tad more on the up and up. So anyway…a good part of my security problems have been from utorrent, and it was probably one of their dht Chinese files that I found on my external drive, and had to wipe because the programs wouldn’t shut down.

Am trying Vuze … and their legal contract is encouraging. Looks like they have a bigger handle on security, and actually ban those who have been found to be shady from interacting in your local torrent swarm. It’s a little slower downloading, but I don’t mind having less seeds available if it means it’s bumping ones that are no good.

And bye bye utorrent …. Wery nice meet you

and may you have glimmering exit on next sunrise.



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