and the crazy should run

you know what’s kind of funny

reminded tonight on the joys of a mental ward

what’s funny


that they put in charge

in those homes of loose springs

those hotels of hedonist bubble brain stew

they put in charge the very people on this planet

with HUGE control issues

an ACHING need to be obeyed

a withering role

that needs feeding

feed it!

feed it!

show those they have the power

because 5 strong dead men stand waiting

to push and pull

and these are the people that compile their imperfection into a holy grail
of insipitude

these are the people
these ones who are more like the spoiled brat of yesterday
obey me!
obey me!
or i will hold my breath

i need it
i need it

yes, these are the ones…..

each more sicker than those they call sick
each one a message
on what you would never choose to be

it’s funny to watch
never grown up
they rebel against the tree
that stormed against their little wee desires
still so angry
to have to do the worst
that they’ve been told

so she would point down the hallway
and tell me to go to bed

knowing i had to obey
it’s so funny
people that don’t know how to ask
even from their god
even from their gripping nightmares

peeing their pants
because mommy never came home

these poor things are darn near hopeless
and really should be shot
but i guess working a funny farm
is the next best place

the world is upside down
even the joke

right side to


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