what the glass bends

We perceive our existence as movement
“It’s all in the journey”
Our lives portrayed as steps on a beach
Paths taken
And paths forgiven

Living on streets
And highways

Forever stretching before us
And more of the same stretching behind us
Like vagabonds

We see ourselves as having to move along
In order to find what we want
And what we want
Is to not want
Loving every moment that hustles us on our way
Every speck of beginnings that push
Us into tomorrows

But what if it’s not that at all?
What if life is a rocking chair
Not a road
What if the best that we can do
Is to divide in our homes
Humming a song for what notes give it birth

What if the world is what belongs to a window
And time is nothing but back
And forth

Avenues aching on your doorstep
From their path

Turns that equal choices
And crossings
That equal pain

With a beginning and an end
Starts and destinations
Fueled by inadequacy, insecurity, and indebtedness

We dream of flying
And wings
And eternity suckled on a stratosphere
That held us ever in abeyance

But what if it’s not that at all
What if movement is the illusion
Time a misnamed platitude
And the mind….

Oh the mind

What if the mind is our only true love
Our only real friend….
Every world that is us

Pressed upon it


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