sung on the edge of a lip

it’s not that i am: dead
heart beat’s
forgiveness– breathing. slow

the pace of consecrated elegance,
formed at the drop, of a pin
pointing east:

i have nowhere to go.
but here,
the last defense–
the last burst from a wayfaring

we traveled. to this place
it became: ours

and i left insanity for the hell of it.

(click on pic to see full size)


12 Replies to “sung on the edge of a lip”

  1. And I’m sure the better for it.

    I love how you express your ideas and the artwork again complements your words so very well.


  2. you’ve a whole zoo in there, it looks like their having a good time teasing. the expression in those eyes
    you don’t know wether to join or run as fast as you can

  3. You are right the wonderful image does contain a lot but also nothing substantial.

    Sometimes to cherish what you have and not yearn for more can indeed bring peace. Love your words.

    1. well at some point, what one has needs to be enough. otherwise the only motivation for existence is to want.

      and yea….you should have seen how long i took trying to get the black outline part just right…..was about ready to throw it all in the trash…

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