redemption screams a silent core

don’t let myself be lonely you know
sometimes it hits me
and i wonder about the point of such a
solitary existence

the night becomes like a sticky bath
of bundled remorse

i remind myself
such is choice

the many times i decided to leave
the heartbreak i caused equal
to the price of my freedom

i don’t feel lonely
really i don’t
but sometimes

loneliness becomes one question
a tangled collar of inquisition
was i wrong?

how worthy does a man need to be
were there any reason
what i hope for in your eyes

lonely would ache pleasantly
a balm for the broken heart
a melody within reach
my world refuses to dream

a counted day
minute to minute
until our two silences meet

lonely would be the suffered
a suffered sacrifice

forever sweet

but this night
oh this night

is what drives men to drink
it’s what stops a woman in her tracks
curled up on bitter bones
to think


5 Replies to “redemption screams a silent core”

  1. oh hun ….

    i dropped everybody who was in a circle

    even dj myke who i like ….. he heads a circle. and i watched as you got more and more into one with the flexwriters.

    those in circles often comment or NOT comment, according to how the leader of their circle decides. and whether or not that happens, i never know if the person in question is acting on their own or just following orders.

    am sorry …….

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