spite returning spite

You can try to fight the dead man
When a heart no longer breathes
You can try to plant your dandelions
In sheltered beds
With stolen seeds

You can fornicate forevers
You can smoke sacred cigars
Spark to pet one donkey
Or beat the ass for being smart

For each eyeball that you opened
For each hope that you conceived
For every dress you left unbuttoned
For every pickle crunched
Each storm believed
Some people just can’t help

Under their own feeble judge
The arbiter from hell
Looks you back from a mirror
With paint from your own tired work
Give it a rest and let your

Turn inward where it belongs
Devouring the only part
The only deserving
Worms on their hook

I have not begun
And you finished because
The road was too steep
And your lazy feet left you

Hatred not mine to give or keep
Are you not blessed?
Because damned if I couldn’t
But I’m not too impressed

And damned if I won’t
Because so much rivers of non
Anger for whom
But one’s own

While spanks the barking melody
Because good enough is never
never what it seems….
to a child


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