if this is disneyland, i’m mary poppins

My husband drove me over the edge into insanity, and I never recovered. Lol….have been talking with this one neighbor, he’s a bit older than me by 10 years, but a retired teacher and works as a stand-up comedian. Pretty interesting guy, actually.

But feel like I’m damaged goods….and worked the fact that I’m nuts into the conversation….why did I do that? I’ll tell you why….subconsciously I hope to scare him off because my A ticket expired for this ride and the only one left is for spinout where you’re lucky you don’t throw up.

Would really love to be watching the electric parade, but got stuck at the gift shop buying a stuffed mickey mouse and one of those huge multi-colored lollipops….

And all those pretty fireworks are starting over the castle, with crowds ooooing and aaahhhing…..meanwhile I’m looking at the lily pads in the moat and wondering how many frogs it takes…..

I would wish on a star….but got stuck in space mountain.

And a spoonful of sugar is supposed to be all you need, but I think I better order a truckload…have it delivered in care of tinkerbell to the peter pan ride.

Because not growing up has always seemed the best option, and wanting what you can’t have is getting a little old.


5 Replies to “if this is disneyland, i’m mary poppins”

  1. Well,all you can do is keep being his friend and see if it goes anywhere…you deserve happiness just like anyone else.We’re all a little insane after all…it’s truly what makes the world go around….without it life would be boring and bland.I think you’re sane enough to deserve finding a good partner in life…well,even a person who is completely totally wacky deserves that to a certain degree I suppose…just keep on being your charming self in life…you deserve friends and happiness!

  2. We all want what we can’t have to some extent, and I always try not to act my age.

    Hope you didn’t scare him off with the nuts bit, its good to have someone to talk too in the real world with the possibility of maybe more.

    The electric parade is not all it is cracked up to be and the fireworks get repetitive after the second night but still love Disneyland.


  3. hey thanks Mike and yea…..he’s still chatting with me and doesn’t seemed too frightened! lol….i love disneyland too and growing up is probably over-rated anyway….*smiles and bunches of smooches back*

    boy, this blog is all kinds of messed up….i put in a complaint to wordpress because the links weren’t working on the comments, and now it’s messed up even worse and the lettering size on the blogs is all screwy.

    hope they fix it soon….lol….might have to rework my own code to see if i can fix what they messed up…..

    oh…..and a thanks to Jenn too….you know Jenn, i try not to give up hope but gets confusing because you get to a point where you’re not sure that having a man in your life would be a better thing…..

  4. Damn…

    so your cheating on me with the neighbor…LOL

    this was a quirky piece ..I like em

    this is the first time to this sight
    (wherever the hell I am???)

    you have posted quite a bit here…must read more..
    missed ya a bunch…

  5. hey miss you too, and yea, kept writing every day…..is a habit to write and post and not easily stopped! lol…..and nothing has developed there so far, so you have no worries! *smiles and big kisses*

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