Worries never suffer

There is nothing more effective than silence

To linger in sweeping shadows

One fence expands the length and breadth

Of where we used to be

Under a blooming apple tree

My love for you

My hatred for me

We leave it all where it whispers a song

From growing quiet


The path of true belonging


I may be tired

I may be old

I may be sore

But sure has heck

Life doesn’t intend

To turn perseverance into

Long-winded remorse



5 Replies to “Worries never suffer”

  1. I’ve got a new account setup on here and the name is barelynearlyhippie just so you know…i dont know if im even logged in or not…interesting…i guess we’ll see…i need to set it up still but at least the lines of communication will stay open:-)

  2. yea Mike, don’t even worry about it…..one of the reasons i switched over to here….less emphasis on comments, kudos and rankings….and people can just read if they want and not worry about thinking of something to say….

  3. i’ll look you up here again, Jenn….then get you put on the blogroll….cool name! and thanks…..don’t mean to sound like a bitch the way i’ve been lately. mostly am worn out! lmao!!!

  4. I’m really super tired tonight or else id offer to play some sort of game…ill be over here next monday night and really really need company though…so maybe we can plan for a fun game night then?!I understand getting tired with it all…but definitely don’t want to lose touch or anything.So think about monday…I’m sorry that I’m not around as frequent as i used to be but that should be changing within the next year for sure and for certain!

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