the needs of the many

You take a pain reliever
And the headache lessens
You feel better

Take an antibiotic
And the infection goes away
You feel better

Take cold medicine
Sleepiness and oblivion ensues
Eventually, you will feel better

Take pills for mental illness
Life becomes an uphill battle
Better is not going to happen
Not for you
It’s a matter of least damage
It’s a matter of seeing the trees for the forest
When the forest is dark and lonely

But others will feel better
Yes they do
Sometimes it’s worth it

I tried to explain
You don’t take them for yourself
But I couldn’t make him understand
Instead I get the smirk that tells me
The person is seeing me through THAT filter
They are only seeing the lowly
An idea judged bad because of its source
Generally because someone can’t accept a truth…

I get that a lot
It’s very tiring
To be the low with high ideals

I couldn’t make him understand:
Nobody would subject themselves
To these types of medications
Unless it was for the sake of others

It gives those others comfort
A placebo
A feeling that everything is now fixed
We’re all better now
And you let them believe that
If you are kind…

You don’t burst their bubble
But I would think … well …
Would think he could absorb the truth
Bad judgment on my part

Most of those rounded up
and tagged as mentally ill
Do NOT take medications for their own sake
Because most of the medication for mental illness
Will have too many side effects for there to be
Any kind of overall positive effect
You don’t take them to make yourself feel better
You take them so others will feel better
That is the stone-cold truth
Leave those others to a world that makes sense
To them
Don’t rock their boats

It’s better this way
Trust me
Otherwise degrees of scrutiny
And distrust are unbelievably harsh
Very hard to handle
They become paranoid
Those you know do in fact have severe problems
They have trust issues

You take the medication so others will get better

Guess you have to be crazy
To see the irony

Humans take a pain reliever
And the headache lessens
Human feels better

Humans take an antibiotic
And the infection goes away
Human feels better

Humans take pills for mental illness
Human feels worse
But other humans show signs of improvement
Other humans are feeling better

Who is the one that’s getting treated?
It’s an amazing recovery

Can’t be denied
results repeat over and over the same
over and over and over
it’s a well-tested theory!

… funny when you get
that explanation or excuse made
even when you hear it about others,
“well, he went off his medication!”

and i just kind of think good lord…
IF he really did stop medication
it’s because he started caring more
about himself than he did about you

so when you tell me, “he went off his medications”
i sort of think well maybe you don’t deserve
to have him sacrifice himself for you any longer?

it’s just that you all will never see
how bloody ridiculous the whole thing is
will never comprehend that my greatest worry
during it all is that “they” are searching for
one medication that can be administered to
a population at large through the water supply
or by some other means

i have worried about that from the very start
it was and still is the most logical conclusion
knowing mankind as i do….

and i worry that ones like me
the testers
are being used to determine what that
one medication will be

or maybe several depending
on how they want the populations to act
depending on the objective

it’s one of those things you look at as inevitable
but changing ideology on
“taking pills to get better”
has been really, really hard
and since there’s nothing i can do
i have to vote for trust
and not be a paranoid idiot myself…

i have to let it go
even though odds are on the other side of the fence

even though playing blind
and sticking head in the sand
is a better approach

that doesn’t make the truth any less truthful

and odds are that “chemical warfare”
will, and already has taken an entirely different turn
you don’t always want people dead
sometimes you just want them to be cowed….

moo frickity moo….moo moo moo moo moo
god help us all
if you play with fire, is it the fire’s
fault or your fault?

This world won’t adjust to ME
I have had to change and change and change…
yeeeeesh … you have no idea how much i want God to help us all!
But I will always look out my windows
And the day is still different than the night


Calories are out and Microbiome is in

Forget everything you thought you knew about calories and weight gain. Turns out fat or thin is determined by the human microbiome, the community of microbes (bacteria) living in your digestive tract.

So that explains why simple low calorie diets don’t work or work well, and why weight gain can happen with medications even though diet has not changed.

Perhaps America is “getting fat” due to a spread of certain types of bacteria present in the food supply, and then that can correlate to amounts of food in some ways. It would make sense.

Then health and weight would hinge on what you eat, not necessarily how much. It’s why families will be fat families or thin families, because they are sharing habits that are favorable to the particular combination of bacteria that make up the human microbiome.

More study will have to go into the theory, but certainly makes more sense than the calorie theory. A calorie, after all, is only how hot something burns when you set it on fire. Of course fats or oils will burn hotter, and anyone who has made syrup knows sugar burns hot. But your body is not lighting food on fire, and it is the types of microbes in certain foods that are the greater factor for determining if a human being is fat or thin.

For now, it looks like there is a correlation to amounts of bacteria, and thinner people have more microbes and a greater diversity of bacterium in their digestive tract than fatter people. And also, it seems that health in general is improved when there are greater amounts and greater diversity to all those little critters making a home in the human gut.


Ways to Modernize Windows 10


At first it’s a bit depressing — here we are, back to 7 format once again. Or really, back to XP desktop design. And while some consumers did not manage to appreciate the leaps forward with Windows 8 — some of us not only LIKED Windows 8, but preferred the quick interface over the old way of managing windows.

Top that off, with how it’s as if the programmers WANT to punish users for their choice to go backwards, and so made every single app window open in postage-stamp size. So when using Windows 10 desktop, you spend almost as much time maximizing windows as you do on the programs themselves. Or at least it feels that way.

Thank goodness there is a personalization option to make Windows 10 more like Windows 8. And that’s by switching it to Tablet Mode. You don’t have to be running Windows 10 on a tablet, to use Tablet Mode. With the click of that one button, apps are suddenly opening full-screen and opening FASTER. You are minus a “desktop” — but do you really need one? Face it, the desktop is the file-equivalent of shoving all your toys under the bed. It’s a procrastination area, where you put off actually filing files. Who needs it?

It takes time to set up the start page with all your favorites ready at hand, but once you’re done with that, you’re off to the races with faster access to programs and better graphics overall. And if you can’t accomplish something in Tablet mode, such as customizing the taskbar– all you have to do is turn off Tablet Mode in one click, do the customizing, and then return to Tablet Mode.

To give a little more space, I use the taskbar properties to select “small icons” and shrink the taskbar. Because the funny thing is that the “normal” size icons now in Windows 10 are SO VERY small that it really is not that much difference in size anymore. So you can save space on your window, without having too much difference in visibility of the icons.

Or I suppose if I can’t see the Windows 10 icons anyway, then who cares how much smaller they get? Works out fine, not being able to see is not being able to see. Any time I want to navigate, I can use the Start page instead of the taskbar.

Right click the taskbar and select “Show app icons” or it will leave them off entirely. Which is ok, too. It’s just hard to break that habit of switching between apps by clicking their icons on the taskbar. If you can see them…

The Start page is a terrible waste of space. I don’t know what gives with that. Really can’t decide on any reason whatsoever as to why someone designed it with so much wasted space. So your tiles will quickly fill the cramped space they give, and then it’s slow-down time with having to scroll the Start page to access your links.

But there is a way to improve use, by switching “fit more apps” to the ON position. It still makes little sense, because if they know you could use more space, why don’t they just make use of all that wasted space? but who knows. I imagine it’s just a mound of foundation code that nobody wanted to rewrite to make the Start page more efficient.

If a user had a choice between more space for tiles, or having a group header — who wouldn’t choose more space? just in glancing at it, about one-third to one-half of the Start page space is wasted and left with its only function to be decoration. which if the entire Start page was open to use for tiles, the user themselves could decide how much background they wanted to have show through.

Anyway, pretty much sums up a few ways to modernize your Windows 10 and make it feel like something a little more progressive.

1. Switch to Tablet Mode
2. Reduce taskbar icon size
3. Turn on “fit more apps”
4. Learn to navigate from the Start page

Oh, and even the “desktop apps” like firefox, will open fully maximized in Tablet Mode.

For that reason alone, I’m keeping it to Tablet Mode. Wasting time resizing windows leaves me with a slow burn where I don’t realize I’m getting angry, but the anger builds. Having to constantly fix something that should have been programmed differently, just gnaws at my tolerance and then will notice that are on the computer less or simply not as happy to be on the computer.

The switch to Windows 10 left me uncomfortable because I was doing a slow burn. But now, maybe I can dowse that fire with the waters of sensibility — and actually get some work done.

Windows 10 out of the box is a clunky thing with little difference in functionality since the 2003 versions. But a more modern interface is just under the surface, waiting to be found.

Power of the Church versus Power of the People

this is one of those things, where if someone has a service-based business, don’t they already get to pick and choose who they work-for? that’s what i don’t understand. doctors say they are taking no new patients all the time. even hairstylists will go on break or pass off clients to others in the salon. mostly it depends if you work for yourself or work for the state or a corporation. if working for others, then have to go by their stipulation on who is or is not served.

so i could understand a bill requiring a “necessary” service to not discriminate. but one to enforce rights to discriminate doesn’t make sense. i can’t see the need. all anyone in a service industry does if they feel forced to have a client they don’t like for ANY reason– is to perform a very poor service and that client then does not come back. there is already a check and balance there, and no necessity for a law to shore up rights for discrimination.

i guess if they want to post “no gays allowed” — same as in days gone by they had signs “no negros allowed” — then are looking at an inverted application of law, where law is not necessary. a business can put up a sign of any sort, and then it is the social reaction to that posting that will determine outcome. you cannot legislate the populace to NOT react to YOUR acts of discrimination. not only is it not possible, it’s foolish.

“rights of religious expression” are already in effect. otherwise we would have no mormons knocking on doors, no christian based holiday songs played at malls…. the list goes on. and religions themselves discriminate ALL the time. that’s kind of part of their thing — inner circles and outer circles. rights of religious expression are already in effect, and could be taken away by legislation. but they can’t be GIVEN by legislation. for instance, IF salt lake city felt the need to LEGISLATE that mormons are ALLOWED to knock on the door and you must answer and give them at least 10 minutes of your time…… then we could determine that THAT particular religious body is ITSELF in complete charge of the legislative process. which then of course, is a conclusion that democracy no longer rules, and you have a THEOCRACY in its stead.

regardless … there is absolutely no way to legislate people to not react to actions of discrimination. i don’t know what they think they are going to be able to do with that. because just as someone offering a service has inherent rights to render good or bad service — those who are offended by practices of discrimination, have the rights to blackball that service provider. no legislation is going to send you new clients. i mean how stupid would you have to be, to say “oh they have a right to be assholes, so i’m going to use that service anyway.”

it doesn’t happen. or can’t, no matter how you dress it up in a legislative form. what am saying, is there is no such thing as legislating rights for religious expression. it’s an all or nothing proposal. IF you decide religion trumps every other god-given sensibility — then it’s for EVERY religion. and we can make up our own. say i have the “i’m allowed to walk down the street naked” religion. IAWDSN for short. then my rights to practice my religion become something that BREAKS other legislation. and it becomes a domino effect. i have the i get to hit you on the head religion. so assault is no longer illegal. i know that’s simplified. and a rhetorical criticism involving reductio ad absurdum.

the point is, there is absolutely no way to legislate “religious expression” into a democratic right. because you cannot legislate people to not react to me walking down the street naked. you cannot legislate people to not react and hit me over the head back, if i hit them over the head.

then choosing one particular religion or one particular right equates to theocracy. it’s pretty cut and dry.

it’s not difficult to overturn at higher levels, i would think. i know where they are coming-from, and is trying to micromanage employee relations from a government seat. we have that one clerk, who wanted to have the right to not “serve” those who “offended” her according to her religion. but she ALWAYS had the right to quit. ALWAYS. if we had a slave based situation or something, i guess. now IF the government decides those workers have rights to refuse service, and those government services involve necessary services — then would counter that legislation with ANOTHER legislation requiring that ESSENTIAL services are not allowed to discriminate. and then what we HAVE — is a lot of wasted time, creating and structuring legislation that cancels each other out….. and that goes under the heading of “too dumb to be in office.”

there is plenty of clandestine theocracy going on, and it’s a constant battle. if i had my way, would outlaw religious knocking on doors of any type, and would outlaw public renditions of music involving religious preference. but as i found in 4-H when in charge of the christmas music selection — is a little impossible to stop people from breaking out in song when you want them to do or see the right way to BE in areas not governed solely by christian mores or norms. it’s very difficult to make that “rule” — turns out you can only make it for yourself.

here in utah, when i noted — it was reported in the local paper — that the state legislature was waiting to first meet privately WITH the lds church elders before they would begin their session …..that is theocracy. point blank, no doubt or way to defend that it is NOT. so……then becomes a matter of damage control.

you are already under the thumb of theocratic rule, and all the wishing in the world cannot reverse the ever tightening spiral of a theocratic nation conquering your democracy. and the biggest problem or issue with that, is theocratic rule tends to be fascist in nature. for instance, the lds church can state they “officially” allow blacks into the church now. but you look at the leadership — it’s all white male. ALL….. there is not any actual showing of tolerance. say one thing, do another. women are kept in their “place” and then we have issues plaguing the state such as the shutdown of women’s health clinics. in theocratic rule, those with the most money make the rules. a theocracy has no ability to counter social class divides. the gaps are unbelievably horrendous. equality not only does not come into the picture, but INEQUALITY is a backbone of the theocracy itself.

and i sympathize with those who are simple? enough to believe that they are not realizing the full expression of their religious convictions. i would recommend they come to utah, to enjoy a full theocracy in progress. and leave the rest of the nation alone. because they have no idea what path they are on. no idea whatsoever. there is a reason the catholic church was removed from its seat as a world power, or at least at some levels. they have no idea.