shadows to his monuments

he seemed a little overly-confident
not well enough to be considered cocky
yet i sensed the trap he decorated
and called home; the dismissal
of women as mind
common for that religious fervor
so not unexpected
only dismaying
for her love will fall
like seed on rocky ground
no true binds
without equality woman is
arm candy
frozen place relegated to helpmate
where ambition will die in growth or use
every last strength to break free…
what do we sacrifice for security?
i did not see love from him to her,
only ownership
battles we all fight
have fought
hope mistaken for conquests and jealousies
respect is needed for long hauls
and he will respect no woman
they are seen as shadows to his monuments
dime a dozen
worth only in decorative coin
my sorrow for her might appear to be bitter reflection
can only say i know these paths
i know those eyes
that look at you and think you do not see them stare
incomprehension of woman and mind
grown from youth
the patterns of dismissal
are rooted in self-righteousness
the front of sociable niceties?
…. it only says there will be much going on
behind those particular closed doors
so do not mind me,
i am old
and remember the ocean and the seagulls
tan skin and staring outward
over the vast horizons
i remember i dug a hole for my pain
and the sand accepted it
as i tamped down the grains of glass
we judge and are judged
no future after that though
saw me as a shadow
to any man with misunderstandings of
a human being i became
and was
for better or for worse
that was to be my future
you see, when i stood and dusted the grit from my hands
the tears had already dried
and i was empty and hopeful at the same time
we mourn for what’s left behind, yes
but what i left behind that day
was only a shadow:
only his perception of woman as a THING

and i knew i was more

over drops

as i listen to the rain
can tell you your heart means many things
quiet dignity
hope and caution
breathing deeply
i remember the times when i would not notice
framed in my own worries
i hear so much more than rain
i hear completion
happy or sad
achievement is level because has been made so
staring into the night
rain heard but not seen
i see memories and complex undertakings
now to relax and know
there is more to continuing onward
more to life and regrets only get a smile
as i hear the rain
and admit i’m only human, yet
human is many, many facets
of confusion
peace a treasure
as the world passes by
i am glad only to be consumed by sighs
feeling stunted
this world cannot express
i want to see your joy
bridge past every disappointment
because some deserve better
myself a nothing
a nothing listening to the rain
knowing i can only reach part
of soul’s
ancient flow

sometimes life sees tomorrow
sometimes tomorrow
doesn’t matter
lifting eyes to say a quiet prayer
so ends this day…
listening to rain
closer to the face of every love
i have ever known


Freeman of the Cuspy Rounds

reminded all about, hiding in the crevices
darkest before the dawn
differentiation is a line

spin the view inward
spin the view outward

riding on hopes for perfection
riding on maps of continuance
on the plot, the plan

riding on ways to hold yourself
riding on ways to believe yourself

on the nature of dark
on the abeyance of light
on ponderous determinations of bodies
microscopic regurgitations of FORM

riding between the concept of blessings
inside the notoriety of gifts
looking at forever and deciding alternatives
to death are exhausting

riding on the statutes
on dictated redemption
on every part and participle
riding the breakers that take you out to sea …

to see …

to ride the quest of knowledge
and every dogged attempt of CONTROL

grasp understanding and dismiss collective construct
collective rule
the very exact design and practice …

collective deception

all agreeing grass is greener
skies are bluer
worlds will always spin
because destiny always has ……………. agreed.


…………..the spiral

the causality that has one;
one perfection
one continuance
one plan
one way
one belief – to an answer that leads to a belief …
one nature – definitions
one abeyance – gravitation – abeyance …
one determination – – questions – determinations …
one consumption – swallowing -consumptions….
one concept – of commiseration into concepts …
one notoriety – building fashion that causes notoriety …
one alternative – requiring an alternative an alternative …
one statute – opening statutes on statutes …
one redemption – leading to forgiveness needing mistakes for redemptions …
one part – desiring segments and then parted segments …
one breaker ………………….washing foam into the next wave

we see our own creation as parted
multiplying cells
is it so? or is that only our sight
turning all the shade of ruptured and spiraled
the trap
the fractal breakage

…………..all leading to another
and another ………

each a fount of its own need.

twists of causality
spirals in out

frolic every head
to bits and pieces

all for artistic

solidification of SELF
what you think you are
MORE important
MADE more important in spirals …….

………….than what you DO
all you DO, then
is chosen to reinforce who you ARE
what you see or want to be ARE

all turns
the dance of convoluted hope
in foregoing SELF DIRECTION
YOUR pause
banked on the spiral

mine resting on tender lines
lines of action
stemmed with mercy;
to draw the lines and move.

no opposite methodology works the board
each opposite known and plotted
the puppetmaster’s strings …

each opposite gripped
in a spiral of causality
burning the notion outward
ONLY moves the spiral in
burning it in only moves it OUT

forever spiraled in deepening ruts of Opposing Conditions
justification via poor leadership quantified
in poor design

the blessings of hatred
in bugs bunny holes marked by elmer fudd and his
dying wishes ……

don’t mind me

marking paths that do not
reinforce their own need …….. to move
to exist on fractured lines
deny the spiral its ache

run where no predictability can find your assurance
hide where no hope can match combing directions

broken sight and sound in singular for steady eyes
mended sound and sight on the curves of skin feeding galvanized ears …

step to
step on
no reinforcement for the next … because the next is new

all new
every every day

lines of survival
gifted to extensions NOT needing eternity
linear and new forgoes eternal spins!
the dogged eternity
of the spiral
the trap of hell that hell only knows …

when any faith is born on lines
from un-predicted tomorrows
a path of NO design
plots with no point and no none to see redundancies through

to where it SLAPS! gifted in prediction … is the next
line going to follow SENSE?

the lines in true generosity
needing no other

paths lived once
not to be repeated
but to decorate eternity
in singular understandings of worlds loved

loved and removed

removed and every distance created by
owning yourself

rats also race

i hear these words from behind door number one
coming back from getting the mail
throwing out garbage
(which includes cardboard boxes my hoarding self
wants to continue to save

as i unlock my own door
feeling a little lighter
the hysterics intensify
i consider my responsibility
shrug shoulders and go on inside
not even a cat waiting
i have time to think about what hysterics are
a certain pitch that means emotions
left the gate

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