The sermon

Trump is proven to be a liar with my own eyes. And my own ears. I’m a funny and unforgiving kind of person, so that if someone LIES TO ME I don’t give them a second chance. I will then never take them at their word ever again, and ALWAYS crossreference anything they expound …anything that comes from them on out as though it were truth MUST be checked and vetted before it is added to the body of knowledge in my own brain. I just don’t trust liars, and it’s a very sad day when the president of the United States must be crossreferenced to be believed. And that’s where it stands, I never had to even crossreference Bush, etc….I just didn’t like his decisions. But he didn’t stand there trying to say the sky is green. And again, I keep my own integrity and I vet truth before I collate it with existing understandings. The thing that is nice about the times is that they do stick to facts because it’s a Times. Think of times like the ak-47 gun in the journalism arsenal of Truth. Now it is a fact, that the further into LIES someone goes, the more those who tell the truth will be disappearing in the distance. The more that lies wrap a heart, the more impossible it is for that person to even recognize truth. They wouldn’t know Jesus … The TRUTH AND THE WAY … If they saw Him right in front of them. Because lies have decorated their world of false gods and false idols …. The worship of money and the bowing to a king of lies….to one man of power in the hopes for favors from Earth, while God in heaven weeps. Come away from Trump lies and to the truth ….”I am the truth and the way, no man comes to the father but by me.” Worshipping money was never the way, and bearing false witness was never something desirable in a leader. Those are the kind of leaders that only lead from behind. Those are the kind of leaders who set traps for their followers, jonestown is one. The system of the United States cannot protect you, only the truth and the way can protect you. Only the truth is going to set you free. Trumpistan is the nation of lies. The United States is the nation of Truth that will stand against it. It’s one of those things we can’t dissolve even if you want to win really really bad. Even if your ache for power is so strong, you will put a blasphemer on the throne and call him your god. What is power? It’s nothing if you can’t stop and smell the roses in the REAL world. And those black holes of lies will never release you. Integrity is important, and journalism of integrity are the knights of Truth ….. More than anything I wish them God speed. May the evil liars of trumpistan fall and fall hard. May the hypnotists like trump, and the charismatics who use their gifts of persuasion to harm the people, may they get their reward. Bury them in gold and tell them they get to eat it. Life is too damn short. And I’m too old to have to relate lessons that every baby in the nation should have learned by age 3. I don’t know what kind of fool it takes to follow something like a trump, but I know what kind of greed it takes…because there is only one kind. And it always rots whatever it occupies. On its deathbed it only sees the vortex, the paradox of lies. The endless infinity to confusion and fear, paranoia and violence. As for me and mine, our house will follow the Lord. NOT Trump.


Tut tut

It’s really weird for me, ok?

To have parents complaining

That their children’s homework is too hard for them to do.

Is it just me??? That sees this as strange

Parents complaining that they don’t have time to finish their child’s homework

Seriously, this is what they are really saying

They use the word “help”

HELP with homework

But we all know what that means, it means CHEAT

it means the kid is not the one doing the work

These tenderfoots hold their kid’s hands through math problems because omg they need help to do it…

Really? Really????

I was told tough shit kid, your on your own.

You ask how to spell a word, the response is “you know where the dictionary is.”

If you don’t have time to finish a project or get to the library…the response is “you had plenty of time to get that done and you just procrastinated.”

I sure knew the word procrastinated by age 8.

Nobody held our hand

Nobody helped make sure homework was done, or even cared. Because that was YOUR responsibility to turn in

The parent wasn’t turning in homework

Never did MY homework


And I was a B student

But it was all me, baby. With no help.

So when parents complain that they can’t understand the new math, so now they can’t “help” their child with homework….I want to say that progress is a bitch, isn’t it? Almost always bites cheaters in the ass.

I’m sorry

But that’s how I see it.

If the child fails, let them fail.

No favors are done by “helping” then with homework. It’s shooting them in the foot. They don’t even get that responsibility. All the blame and none of the responsibility

All I can say is you all must really hate your kids

Bona fide stands of mute polish

The world pulls

But I don’t follow

Don’t shun remorse

Don’t fly away and think only of the


Life liberty by way of pursuit of justice…errrrr, happiness?


Never so much as found

Found myself wanting

Found myself too dumb for morning biscuits

Found only the silence

Found the noise like gongs

Going off

Exploding in a head

Too easily found on a plate

Minus any ambulatory attempt

For redemption’s purpose.

To follow where it all leads is a sick indulgence

I suppose

The memory of youth

Just following

No responsibility

No decisions rest in your own hands

Decorate feet….


So I’m my own path and it stinks

Quite thoroughly reeks

Of overbounded justification

The night of inadequacy and deep rue

(Leave the despair for those who deserve ends)

Oh… I flew

Once or twice

Marshaled the angels in a course only matched by the sun

Days of infinity upon us

I look forward

Because back is finished puzzling me

Awake never held triumph

That’s not the goal

I’ll tell you plain

The goal is to be no one’s bitch

Because time gave me one hope

GIVES one hope:

That forever is not a punishment to now.

That found is only so grand as lost is extreme.

My name, Eileen, means “light”

Yet I traveled every dark way

Every corner of length and depravity,

Things I’ve told no one and everyone

In so many words;

….so many

Days of rest only need to be reached

Any time


I can go into floods of every other decision and leave the one, the mine.

While I mine for clarity

And scoff the methods of followers

The followers of method…

No creativity! None

What does it mean to adapt?

What does it mean to survive?

I tell myself that both children are alive, for mothers day

That is my gift to ME

They live, and what more could any parent ask?

Certainly, I am due nothing. Because it was

Always me

Always I who found

Myself hopeful

And unreasonably smiling at the course of humanity itself,

To which my small part was to stop cruelty

Not encourage YOURS or anyone’s

Saving piles of immediate grace

And turpitude

I saw the ends

And this is after sight finished

And insanity left a taint

Of pity

Or perhaps it’s only weariness:

Weary and tired of the million ways of lies

And the thousand excuses for peace.

I didn’t give you what you wanted

Held my vision aloft

The only true secret goes to no one

I am one of those


So around me the buzz worries if I mine anyone or care

Am i a sociopath? Not to mention that almost every socialite is destructive, where to abstain is to not destroy with the rest….so let’s just forget annoy all of that

Forget what I might see and what I even care….


No crusader has the luxury of love, don’t you know that?

The luxury to lose and mourn the SELF …no. It was onward Christian soldiers

Not onward angels of mercy or lights of compassion

Ask me what I sang most lustfully? Warriors are born, I’m sure. The winds of change…

The hearts that stand, mute.

Because polish is the shiny aptitude

In Faith.

In god damn ever loving and ever stinking


Faith! Listen to me? Have pity on someone who hung the big picture a long time ago

& decided one thing.

That I would not look away.

Feather in a cap can’t blow in a breeze

If they make abortion illegal they will have no way to enforce the law they made.

They will therefore destroy law itself.

Roes vs wade wasn’t decided because of politics. It was decided because legislation to outlaw abortions does not work.

Not only that, but these days they’ll just put a video up instructing on how to do home abortions. They’ll sell home abortion kits on ebay. Find ways to inject a fetus and have a still birth. Or the traditional throwing a just born baby in a dumpster to die.

While it would be very easy to legislate death, and we do that in fact with a death penalty (though even that gets complicated) …Another example would be ancient cultures that wrote laws that female children were to be killed. That is actually possible, to legislate death.

But trying to legislate life is crazy. You can’t. Not won’t, but can’t. It can’t be done. You can’t force someone to create life on your demand.
Well you could, but that is called SLAVERY and we outlawed slavery already, fought a big war over it and everything.

Onward Christian Soldiers

There are good things about traditional Christian religions, enough that they withstand the test of time.

The new evangelical religion has worked capitalization into their doctrine, and has yet to prove that anyone raised in their faith becomes a balanced human being. Trump was raised by evangelicals, for example.

They push the idea that in order for god to bless you AT ALL, you must give as much money as possible to the evangelical church. If you aren’t blessed, that means you aren’t giving enough.

While traditional Christian churches have flirted with that ideology, they tend to look more to the afterlife and grace and blessings as a product of your belief, not a product that is relative to how “much money you give to god.”

Because of their money grubbing dogma, evangelical churches are worshipping money, it is money worshippers and if you look at the trump religion, that evangelical church based in New York…. Its main principal is that “God approves of you completely and nothing is a sin if you make money, if it is profitable then it is always right. Always.”

That’s what they believe. That’s what Trump believes …has lived his life deciding right and wrong according to money, not according to how his actions affect the rest of society.

The evangelicals are grabbing for power, now.

The answer might be to turn the entire nation to atheism. I don’t know. But since evangelism revolves on money, that’s where you hit them. Should try that first.

Polished leaves

The incorrect directions

Of society overall

Have happened through conversation

Between gossips and critics and slaves

To charms

Where an inbetween route

A method

A way

Took charge of the ruts

And rutted all day

Until all were the dance queens

All were the lambs

All formed a circle

Out of reality they pranced…

That in between way for some

Other kind of talk

Was the path of hypotheticals

What would you do? If…

The conversation bleed into random

Parts of nowhere happened

Followed all to seem

To think it’s somehow

How things work

And even against laws of physics

Against realities of tension

Stress and strain

It all was for the game

To be neither critic

Nor gossip

Nor lost in the bored wastes

The factor of needing less


To survive gave mankind

More time

To dream

Therefore montresso is correct

Individual exploration


But they will call even harder


Wider ruts….

The butterfly flap is about turns

A way to be


The crime of importance…

What color are you?

When is less more

How much can I study

How much?

Before going mad

But I’ll fill in the ruts

Reality is


In this direction

Reality leaves direction

To the wonderment

Of insect trammeled soil