The sermon

Trump is proven to be a liar with my own eyes. And my own ears. I’m a funny and unforgiving kind of person, so that if someone LIES TO ME I don’t give them a second chance. I will then never take them at their word ever again, and ALWAYS crossreference anything they expound …anything that comes from them on out as though it were truth MUST be checked and vetted before it is added to the body of knowledge in my own brain. I just don’t trust liars, and it’s a very sad day when the president of the United States must be crossreferenced to be believed. And that’s where it stands, I never had to even crossreference Bush, etc….I just didn’t like his decisions. But he didn’t stand there trying to say the sky is green. And again, I keep my own integrity and I vet truth before I collate it with existing understandings. The thing that is nice about the times is that they do stick to facts because it’s a Times. Think of times like the ak-47 gun in the journalism arsenal of Truth. Now it is a fact, that the further into LIES someone goes, the more those who tell the truth will be disappearing in the distance. The more that lies wrap a heart, the more impossible it is for that person to even recognize truth. They wouldn’t know Jesus … The TRUTH AND THE WAY … If they saw Him right in front of them. Because lies have decorated their world of false gods and false idols …. The worship of money and the bowing to a king of lies….to one man of power in the hopes for favors from Earth, while God in heaven weeps. Come away from Trump lies and to the truth ….”I am the truth and the way, no man comes to the father but by me.” Worshipping money was never the way, and bearing false witness was never something desirable in a leader. Those are the kind of leaders that only lead from behind. Those are the kind of leaders who set traps for their followers, jonestown is one. The system of the United States cannot protect you, only the truth and the way can protect you. Only the truth is going to set you free. Trumpistan is the nation of lies. The United States is the nation of Truth that will stand against it. It’s one of those things we can’t dissolve even if you want to win really really bad. Even if your ache for power is so strong, you will put a blasphemer on the throne and call him your god. What is power? It’s nothing if you can’t stop and smell the roses in the REAL world. And those black holes of lies will never release you. Integrity is important, and journalism of integrity are the knights of Truth ….. More than anything I wish them God speed. May the evil liars of trumpistan fall and fall hard. May the hypnotists like trump, and the charismatics who use their gifts of persuasion to harm the people, may they get their reward. Bury them in gold and tell them they get to eat it. Life is too damn short. And I’m too old to have to relate lessons that every baby in the nation should have learned by age 3. I don’t know what kind of fool it takes to follow something like a trump, but I know what kind of greed it takes…because there is only one kind. And it always rots whatever it occupies. On its deathbed it only sees the vortex, the paradox of lies. The endless infinity to confusion and fear, paranoia and violence. As for me and mine, our house will follow the Lord. NOT Trump.

Why tax on food keeps going up in Utah

I look at taxes as inevitable in many ways, mostly because I was a smoker for years and nobody, I mean nobody — cared about raising taxes through the roof on that. Or on gasoline….. It gets discouraging.

It’s all just wealth redistribution — but at the point when they are stealing from the poor to give to the poor, it becomes a little ridiculous and redundant. That’s my argument against more food taxation — you’re supposed to take from the rich and give to the poor, not take from the poor, feed a bloated government, and give some back to the poor in the promise of healthcare that doesn’t actually exist because even healthcare providers are prejudiced against poverty. I’m thinking of getting ONE thousand dollar outfit just to wear to the hospital…..and I’m dead serious about that. <——- i'm so punny!

People are trying to rally for a petition to stop more taxes on food in Utah. From what I can tell, the NEED for more tax revenue is a basic mismanagement of government funds to the extent that the only way for them to balance the budget now is to raise sales tax on food.

And we see this all the time, in heavily-republican government — spend now, make cuts and tax more later. They are doing it federally by threatening Social Security and Medicare, after passing a bill that literally gave away a huge portion of the treasury to already wealthy american corporations and popped the deficit to over a trillion. They have decided Social Security is dying anyway, so instead of waiting and helping as many people as possible, Republicans decided to kill it with a giant knife. The knife of over-spending and then pretending there's no other path than increasing taxes or cutting programs entirely. They do this every time. It's not a mystery or a surprise at this point. (and proof is in the pudding, if their ploys actually worked for expansion we wouldn't struggle as a nation every time republicans come to power just to keep things from crashing and burning.)

The last time they had 8 years under Bush, we damn near didn't come back out of it. A lot of heavy measures had to be made, to reestablish responsible government. Left to Democrats to clean up the mess Republicans always make.

Well, I have no illusions about the heavily-republican Utah state legislature. I know what side they butter their bread on ………… first they steal the bread, preferably from someone with LESS than they have, because that FEELS so much better to them — nothing quite like kicking someone while they're down. Then they use margarine instead of butter, after putting all the dairy farms out of business from trade wars. They borrow a knife that they never return, while telling the one they borrowed it from that their children will be HAPPY to return it some day. And they eat their sh*tty buttered bread, congratulating themselves on what clever mfer's they must be to have the BIGGEST PIECE of bread ever to rot inside their bloated stomachs. Called fat cats for a reason…. And no, I don't get what the draw for that kind of life is, but there ya go, that's what they have.

Problem in all this is I do see more taxation as inevitable. Once they play the game of NEEDING the extra revenue or they go bankrupt. I am proud of people signing a petition to stop the increased food tax in Utah. I believe there is good that comes from letting government know how their actions affect those they are supposed to be working-for. But if I had an answer to the Republican playbook of bankrupting themselves to get what they want — then it wouldn't still be happening. I DON'T have an answer for that move. Other than don't hire the crooks that use it.

What we're talking about is standards of living. With the "cheap-er" goods from places like China, the standard of living has increased for many in the lower classes, and that is why those in higher monetary USA classes think it's a good time to REDUCE the standard of living among the poor and jettison themselves in the process. But they've never tried to pawn a DVD player, see? They've never pawned jewelry to have FOOD to eat, or to PAY the higher taxes on cigarettes. Having crap is one thing– I walk my dog and see TONS in the dumpsters every day — Things, furniture that's cheaper to throw away than move to another place. All that depreciation is what the upper classes are using to move themselves along. Why jettisoning themselves by putting the poor in an even tighter hole … why that ISN'T a good idea can be seen at your local soup kitchen in the NUMBER of US citizens that can't even afford a place to live now after the republican's latest. They don't have a hole for you to squeeze them into even more. People like the trumps are happy the housing market is back after the bubble they burst in 2008, sending the market into a downward spiral. Rents just keep going up and up, with no end in sight. Because no landlord takes the brunt, or very few do. Very few drag their heals, most property owners run AHEAD of inflation and capitalize on the falling rate of the dollar. Half the time they create the inflation… create the fall, it's between the housing market and the stock market — the giant perpetual motion machine that funnels money upwards and pushes human beings downwards. The republican bright idea to compensate for that? Increase the population of the working poor, get them to procreate more so that the greater numbers can disperse that pressure more evenly and boost the top 1% even higher. Pyramid scheming. It's just another more insidious form of pyramid.

So as long as this crap keeps going on, these GAMES ………NO– I don't see any end in sight for the despicable plays and manipulations by political forces of the United States' very questionable "Grand Old Party." More taxes are inevitable when they play these kinds of games. The ridiculous nature of it is not going to stop until the games do. What is oppression? Why do so many …….. SO many in the middle and upper classes feel they earned every penny….

When SO many of those "pennies from heaven" are actually from hell? A hell created by very ruthless bastards. Oh, they know it. Pennies from heaven might be the answer to some, but I personally think they would make very good pavers for a road to someplace else. Really, anyplace other than here.

Republicans might not like the idea of change … but they are the ones, THEY are the ones who continually place dependencies on that clink.

#GOP #GOPSENATE #HouseDemocrats #Utahgov #Utah #TAXATION #FOODTAX

PS, Rapture freaks can bite me. that's not how ANYBODY should roll. jamestowm bloody idiots, that.

Words from me and please listen

A meme on Facebook says, “Ignoring the red flags because you wanna see the good in people will cost you later.”

well I don’t know if that’s true or not ………. the bigger truth is:


therefore, if you are red-flagging all over the place, you’re going to get what you expect and in essence, asked for. whereas if you expect people to act in accordance with their “higher” selves and simply expect that of them through trust — and some hope — then you have a better shot of not only helping them to achieve but helping yourself to avoid the larger traps of cynicism.

looking for fault in others is really not a good idea. no matter how tempting. there is ONE grain that can be used if certain people and situations have proved unhealthy for you and yours ………. “it’s OK to love someone from a distance.”

it’s OK. you don’t have to declare them toxic and hate their guts forever … it’s OK to love someone from a distance.

and save the red flags for your email.

PS: gaslighting is a real thing.

it has to do with POWER,

those who use power rather than logic

to make themselves correct.

my favorite gaslighting phrase is “Don’t BE that WAY!”

because your being is somehow not in the direction they — the ones asserting POWER — would prefer.

I heard that one Christmas, when I was upset about not being invited to the family Christmas party. It was that one, and “Don’t do this to me!”

I responded, “Do this to YOU????” And I left …. I left the whole damn state, got in my car and drove until I ran out of gas in Utah. Because I was tired of all the gaslighting and weak arguments, all constructed for the simple task of keeping me down and constantly questioning my own feelings and responses.

I LOVED THEM FROM A DISTANCE. it’s lonely sometimes. but it’s better than being lonely AND driven crazy by those trying to control you constantly. manipulate YOUR FEELINGS to the ends of the earth and back.

I noted every gaslighting phrase used on me and never use them myself, even though they sit in my arsenal. if i need power that badly, then it’s time to say goodbye. I’m capable of objectively quantifying what statements hurt others. Not just me, and gaslighters KNOW they are hurting you with their put-downs, of course they do. THEIR power is more important to them than YOUR pain. But it’s often a pattern of behavior that they themselves are stuck in. Passed down generation to generation. I decided to break that chain, where you only grow up if you pass from being the gaslightee to the gaslighter yourself, i don’t want to BE that……….besides, it always skips a generation and the ones in between go silent or go crazy. I’ve tried both of those, and now it’s a matter of having enough time on earth to EXPLAIN every decision in order to NOT gaslight others into following simple matters of will.

(the important thing to understand with gaslighters is that NOTHING exists on even levels, you are either above them or below them. it is the most solitary state of existence possible.)

I’m probably on a completely wrong path. I keep that in mind. However …. expecting better of people and erring on the side of believing in someone — that’s never a weakness. That takes strength. Some days I have it and some days I don’t. But you won’t EVER see me put down somebody for trusting others. My god that’s what we fight for, what’s the use of it all if we don’t have that?

People become ashamed if they get fooled. But the ones HAVING the shame, where that shame belongs — is to the ones doing the fooling. You’re not stupid if you get hurt. You’re just strong. Don’t give up that strength because somebody is jealous of it. Hold on to seeing the best in people. Remember what that means ………… that you also become capable of seeing the best in YOURSELF.

The last laugh is not necessary, never … the deepest laugh is what carries us through.

And to all my family back in good old California — here’s a laugh with a picture of my dog for you. 🙂 I DO love you ALL — more than I can say — FROM A DISTANCE.

Holiday Hash

Yep, that’s what I’ve been trying to get across — especially in the legal system, there aren’t conservative and liberal rulings, a ruling is simply correct or incorrect — contingent on how well-founded the arguments are behind it.

If you don’t like it, then you need to change all those factors that led to the ruling. It’s like if you wear your underwear on your head and your mom tells you it looks stupid ……. saying she is wrong won’t stop others from saying the same thing! Only way to do that is to change the factor that prompted the ruling, and take them off your head.

These are strange times, and the notions of conformity have stretched into fascist idealism, to the extent that the tenets of freedom must challenge ALL of it … while at the same time holding onto enough tradition so that everybody doesn’t go crazy.

That’s quite the philosophy. Is truth an absolute? Most everything is a truth only because it is agreed upon — a collective reality. There is really no way to unequivocally state that truth exists, even in scientific facts. All of it is based on consensus. Everyone agrees that it hurts to punch yourself in the eye and that it’s bad for you. That is a truth. But it’s only reality because of your shape and form, and consequently the conformity that determines everyone else has similar eyes and fists. If they did not have similar eyes and fists, it would no longer be a truth.

That dependency of consensus required for truth, is present in every scenario — every expressed human reality. Truth is quite literally what we make, together. It doesn’t exist without man, truth is a concept OUT of man and his perceptual need to categorize existence.

And by the way, when any population begins to have signs of mass insanity — with insanity categorized under self-destruction — truths that are adopted that make life WORSE and make human existence a futile thing ………… then THAT is the wrong going on. It’s not that things are false, or that some people believe events happened (out of a rumor mill). But it’s not the falsehoods that create the insanity — it’s when the truths that are adopted lead to bad places and we all go there as a group.

we are all hypnotized, you know. except the people that are looked at as “crazy” — i mean actually crazy, they might do anything, are unpredictable. those are the ones NOT in a trance and NOT making decisions as part of the herd, part of the one.

That’s all that is ……………. it’s actually a kind of freedom. Otherwise, to get where you want or to even SURVIVE, you have to marshal enough strength to MOVE the entire group — their entire reality and truth — in the direction you need it to go.

If that group is getting to roll right over you — you break free from it. Show them exactly who you are, with your own mind and able to do ANYTHING you want, you are not constrained by THEIR truth.

see? It becomes physiological, it actually IS chemical in nature because it is the “truth” of the whole that has caused that imbalance to occur — because what is good for them isn’t good for you. or sometimes it’s the canary in the mine syndrome, and they just haven’t caught up to the BAD that exists in the humanity-universal-truth yet.
You were more sensitive to it, and popped first. That’s the process I see within it all. And the problem might be with the trances we use to create herd-like behavior in primates that aren’t designed for that.

ever think about how shoes are slip-on hooves? you’ll never get that out of your head once you realize it…..

we have taken a LOT of collective directions farther into “truth.” it might be time to take singular ones out again … renaissance.

She was happy and everyone loves her she is such a joy! ♥️⛄ The love and support of Christ is always a comfort no matter what situations life brings. That spirit is something nothing can touch or bring down, the same spirit that saw us through, sees our children through and even long after we’re gone. I don’t look at life as regrets and sorrow over missed time, missed opportunities….i have joy for the many chances every day to form a smile and thank Jesus for existence.

I had no parents, see. Mine were taken in an accident….. But i don’t fill with sorrow. I fill with joy for family’s that do have parents alive, and seeing the little ones play…. It’s so wonderful. I’m glad for them, I’m not unhappy for myself because God has a plan and I’m right where God needs me to be.

There are times life is hard, but you just keep going. Little steps to make things better, to show love, caring, joy….

Try having your kids and having them taken away …………. it’s ALWAYS something. Take it from an old broad. There will always be trials, always difficulties and sorrow. But that’s what makes the joyous times so special! And treasured, you know? You hold on to that. I’ve had more difficulty than I could name in a facebook thread. You let go and let God. Find a balance somehow. And remember it’s not about you, it’s not about you. That little phrase helped me a lot ……… to not feel persecuted or even tortured by events I have no control over. It’s not about you.

Of course the “season” is full of psychological f-ery ……lol…. it’s quite literally nuts, like the nutty gifts given and everything else. so much so that it all seems to ring hollow, sometimes. Don’t I know it.

But here’s the thing ….. it’s not about that. Sometimes people don’t express themselves well, and don’t KNOW how to say what they feel. So they give gifts. Often those gifts are based on what THEY want, see? So my nattering on here — this is quite likely more based on what I want and WHAT I need to hear myself. That’s kind of how the whole thing works.

But when you have the “gift” of Christ … that’s not so much any kind of thing you can touch or sense, but it IS a gift that you can give away, yourself. And that’s love.

Because you still have it. You do. It might not feel like it sometimes. But everybody still has that child. That’s why watching Rachel Sunday have so much joy, makes us all smile….. we remember. ❤

I don’t love the holidays and if I were queen of the world I would abolish them all with one edict. I would. But I look at trials as things to make me better. I don’t expect I’ll ever see it…see the holidays….. like other people do ….. but I can see THEM. And tell myself, sometimes it’s not about me. ❤

They couldn’t say anything about how much diplomacy went into Iran, for instance …….. because it was in NEWSPAPER, not blurbed in liar-form on twitter. They couldn’t say how Benghazi went down, even — because they only paid attention to talking heads instead of actual reports of events. They haven’t actually followed anything and don’t understand about how international politics WORKS. None of it ……… Just think trump is a great guy because he’s WHITE and RICH (supposedly). That’s it, that’s all. It’s pathetic and sad ….

Eh well ….. such is life. Mostly I wanted to say that they never WATCHED the work that Obama did. It was too galling to them that he was doing it — because they’re racists.

The homeless issue has mushroomed due to many factors. High rents and exploding property values, combined with easier forms of mobility such as smartphones and inexpensive tents.

If I was a young person, I would probably do it at this point — just to save all that rent money … it adds up to a substantial amount these days. One year on the road (literally) and you have the downpayment for a house.

Now … treating the homeless tribes as some kind of consumer demographic ripe to be used as walking billboards? That’s pretty bad, but who is protecting them from that kind of exploitation? It’s the vulnerability to it, that is kind of the point of being homeless in the first place.

That said, if you are the kind of person that makes a poor person dance for their meal ………….. maybe you shouldn’t be the one with all the food.

On the cusp of impeachment

Well the difference between those who operate off principles and those who have no principles…. Is a stark difference.
Some of us simply keep different principles. Such as most people believe you should always be on time. It’s not that I don’t keep principles. It’s that I believe you should always arrive at different times. It’s not safe to be so explicitly patterned. The odds go against you.

I developed different principles independent of society because I saw flaws in ones that we have. Some people live minus principles altogether. It’s hard to envision that when you lived your 50 some odd years with principles. But when it comes time for any decision… Even the basic principle of always do what is sustainable if everybody does the same thing…. That goes out the window for people without principles. Especially if they can see some advantage for themselves by making that decision. The decision to steal, the decision to not pick up your dogs poop…. All ones like that involve taking advantage of the others who DON’T steal and who do pick up their dog’s poop because if those other people didn’t exist, and everybody stole from others and everyone shat everywhere and turned every street into a toilet….. There would be some bad consequences. But they take advantage …. See….. That others care. They take advantage of people with principles and they think that makes them smart. It’s decision making formed out if desperation? In some ways it’s important to have the freedom, where collective principles can be modified…but in other ways we try to limit the amount of damage unprincipled humans can do… By outlawing and fining, etc.

So the two camps are those living with principles and those without.

The whole thing about abortion is that religious bodies as a rule only grow in membership from within…. By members having families. Those who push for the biggest families get the biggest memberships and win. I think it’s a little crazy myself when we have a global food and water crisis going on. They should actually be changing their tune on that and instead they’re doubling down. But trying to control the bodies of others is about power. Those who pretend it’s about anything else just don’t want you to see that they are grasping for power…. They use Christianity as a mask over the hunger for power.

Eh….. My principle for freedom to determine the processes of ones own body … That principle is more important to me and it’s more important to societies than religious bodies swelling their membership.
The why on that, why the religious bodies are obviously not principled in their opposition of abortion…is they only take responsibility for one thing, that gives them advantage. They don’t pay your medical bills, they don’t remove a tumor for free or ensure anything else… Just procreation. And what that means is anti-abortion-freedom is not based on any principle, it’s based on singular want.

If anything, with the world population problem what it is, that want should be in the other direction. Maybe they’re overcompensating because they’re paranoid. Paranoia goes with lives that don’t function on principle.

So anyway….. That’s what I have to say. Those are the two camps, and it’s ok to not have principles or to keep options open in some areas. Flexible decisions. I have a theory that it comes down to those who are selfish and those who are not selfish and that comes down to the primal function of food intake and fighting for sustenance.

But i really don’t know what goes into the initial decision to be principled or not principled. It might simply be a matter of the ability to count and process ratios and probabilities. ??? Don’t know.

It doesn’t make sense to me to live without principles. That must be hectic… Basing every decision on personal gain rather than using a foundation of principle…. Each day would be this exaggerated drama…..a daily fight for me me me that would just increase decisions with age instead of decreasing them. Eh…. Seems to me having principles is important. Anti abortion is not a decision coming out of any principle. The belief that your god wants this or that is not a principle, that’s a belief. They aren’t consistent in the application of a principle within that belief that life is supposedly sacred, so they invalidate it all. It’s not principled.

And since it’s basically impossible to treat all life as sacred and remain a cohesive society… it’s not like they will EVER be able to turn that collective decision into a principled one, either.

You can scream kingdom of God all you want… But when it’s the unprincipled ones doing that… It doesn’t mean much.

And when you get unprincipled leaders… Those hectic lives of always making decisions based on me me me instead of principles…. That spreads outwards.
Generally, the more you have something like that occurring, it signals that it’s time to make a large shift in societal principles. But the unprincipled leaders in Washington right now are OUT OF A RELIGIOUS BODY. it’s important to note that. To note that it’s Evangelical, an UNprincipled religion. Proper who band their inconsistencies, call them beliefs, and impose those decisions on the rest of society with little regard for anything but their own hides.

So you just don’t give in to that….. They want to run their race for biggest congregations…. Everyone’s all really impressed. In the end it’s only the principled decisions that come out of their beliefs, that will be adopted by the whole or the nation. And if they think numbers means they can just kill everybody else off, that’s true. But that doesn’t make THEM a viable society that will last when in power. Power without principles is a dictatorship.

And thanks what Nancy Pelosi is talking about. And she’s scared, you can tell she’s scared to make this stand. To declare an impeachment. But when you run on principle, your not using the strength of a leader to make decisions… You are using the collective good, the strength of principles that LIVE in each person. And that strength is much stronger than any one leader, and those principles have grown out of time and time out of mind. They will keep growing and reject the Unprincipled. You can’t stop religious people from hurting themselves. They will purposely select modes divergent from the society they are in for the hope of power.

But to be a society of freedom, we have to allow people to hurt themselves inside religion.

Regulating own bodies, controlled substances and the way on drugs, prohibition…. All of that was/is in response to the threat of pandemic addiction….. Where it’s not going to do you any good to have the principles of freedom because you’ll all be dead.

Anyway…. I’m up and in pain, so I write. I’m demonstrating the principles BEHIND something such as the support of abortion rights.
It would be the bridge too far in that encroachment made on freedom with the outlaw of drugs and making pharmaceuticals prescription only….. That process…. Is somewhat unprincipled, but was enacted for reasons of fundamental survival. The same could be said for anti-abortion… But as the famous saying goes…. Two wrongs don’t make a right…. And if anything we should lighten the infringements on freedoms of personal operation of ones own body intake. So that’s all tied together, see? We’re playing a very simple game of tug of war.
Because this is a mud pit…. The principles for balance between helping others by denying them access to substances but giving them freedom to make their own decisions…. That’s a precarious balance.

So we’re saying “this way to freedom” and they’re saying “this way to full top-down control (aka safety)”
I think, after examining the state of our nation and societies… That we have room to move in the direction of freedom.
Even though I think we’re fine where we are, I understand the objections to that control set upon substances and access to resources when they involve medicine/drugs/substances that alter states of being. I think there’s room now, with the level of education available and the speed of communication now…. There’s room to distance from those unprincipled restrictions.

If course the unprincipled ones don’t want that, because there goals are not to live life according to principle, their goal is power to make the decisions for others as well as for themselves MINUS any principle guiding those decisions. And it’s a game… Work your way up and into power, otherwise you never get to make your own decisions that benefit YOU. but is that true at all? No…. Most people just don’t exercise the freedoms they actual have.

Like my freedom to drive on and on because it helps ME to ignore the pain…. When it probably stopped helping any reader after the first sentence.

Have a good day…. My generation has lived through three impeachments. Boomers, indeed.

So you are in jail again who cares

Well I agree that fellow primates are not acting like the children of God they fancy themselves most the time. On the other hand, it’s a MAN’S world so goes under “not my problem.” I don’t run this joint and the males that do are exceedingly insane–make estrogen tirades seem a walk in the park. And I ain’t their mamma. If they want help they can stop treating women like second-hand citizens. Until then I’ll just watch it all and attempt to not whisper under my breath, “Let it go.” Life is too short. I’m not going to spend it fixing messes I didn’t make. It’s a lot easier deciding what IS your job after you decide what isn’t.

My grandma used to have a favorite saying: “You made your bed, now you lie in it.” It always seemed directed at any one of my many failures. Failure is never the end of the story, though. You get out of bed each day and try again.