contract denizen

give and take holds wit prisoner
how it all runs together

movement is the only answer to pain
the silent prayer is often the deepest

to open eyes is the strongest principal
no one mind connects ubiquitously

carving paths, the singular melds to one
living for today as if it is all days

and so the better way to worry is to know you are free
how far does the last drop of time fall?


no amount of wandering

water and wind
ripples chase to the shore

lakes of memory
brimming with tears

perplexed and somewhat

i stood
for everything that had to end

you believed
in everything that demanded permanence

we shuffled no answer
better than the moment

and the moment breathed
for the sake of mountains, stretched

for the reality
that could not float to the surface

when better ways are fought
and lost before they are won again


what light by yonder rainbow

would have been same in nazi germany — the jews are like poisoned candy. we have to kill them all, even good ones because you just don’t know. one rotten potato spoils the entire crop, you know!

it goes beyond fear of someone for their skin color or their hair or how they dress … and into the realm of being afraid of all the skittles, because some might kill you. it is fear then of what you can’t see, as well as what you can see.

and that comes down to very little faith in God, it really does. Or if agnostic, would be very little faith in luck, in survival.

if you live your life in fear, then you aren’t really living. and that means the enemy has won. you just don’t know it.

analogies like the skittle argument are not uncommon, but with people we generally say “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole barrel.”

and i like the saying, “get to know me first, and THEN hate me!” it speaks a very large truth — can’t tell a book by its cover. “all the world’s a stage, we are merely players.” but don’t let them play you, because all analogies eventually unravel. it’s the reality that matters.