The sermon

Trump is proven to be a liar with my own eyes. And my own ears. I’m a funny and unforgiving kind of person, so that if someone LIES TO ME I don’t give them a second chance. I will then never take them at their word ever again, and ALWAYS crossreference anything they expound …anything that comes from them on out as though it were truth MUST be checked and vetted before it is added to the body of knowledge in my own brain. I just don’t trust liars, and it’s a very sad day when the president of the United States must be crossreferenced to be believed. And that’s where it stands, I never had to even crossreference Bush, etc….I just didn’t like his decisions. But he didn’t stand there trying to say the sky is green. And again, I keep my own integrity and I vet truth before I collate it with existing understandings. The thing that is nice about the times is that they do stick to facts because it’s a Times. Think of times like the ak-47 gun in the journalism arsenal of Truth. Now it is a fact, that the further into LIES someone goes, the more those who tell the truth will be disappearing in the distance. The more that lies wrap a heart, the more impossible it is for that person to even recognize truth. They wouldn’t know Jesus … The TRUTH AND THE WAY … If they saw Him right in front of them. Because lies have decorated their world of false gods and false idols …. The worship of money and the bowing to a king of lies….to one man of power in the hopes for favors from Earth, while God in heaven weeps. Come away from Trump lies and to the truth ….”I am the truth and the way, no man comes to the father but by me.” Worshipping money was never the way, and bearing false witness was never something desirable in a leader. Those are the kind of leaders that only lead from behind. Those are the kind of leaders who set traps for their followers, jonestown is one. The system of the United States cannot protect you, only the truth and the way can protect you. Only the truth is going to set you free. Trumpistan is the nation of lies. The United States is the nation of Truth that will stand against it. It’s one of those things we can’t dissolve even if you want to win really really bad. Even if your ache for power is so strong, you will put a blasphemer on the throne and call him your god. What is power? It’s nothing if you can’t stop and smell the roses in the REAL world. And those black holes of lies will never release you. Integrity is important, and journalism of integrity are the knights of Truth ….. More than anything I wish them God speed. May the evil liars of trumpistan fall and fall hard. May the hypnotists like trump, and the charismatics who use their gifts of persuasion to harm the people, may they get their reward. Bury them in gold and tell them they get to eat it. Life is too damn short. And I’m too old to have to relate lessons that every baby in the nation should have learned by age 3. I don’t know what kind of fool it takes to follow something like a trump, but I know what kind of greed it takes…because there is only one kind. And it always rots whatever it occupies. On its deathbed it only sees the vortex, the paradox of lies. The endless infinity to confusion and fear, paranoia and violence. As for me and mine, our house will follow the Lord. NOT Trump.


Because crazy is RELATIVE

What if

The probability for mental illness occurrence

As correlating to environ factors

Such as sensory overload due to better hearing

What if that presumption that some are being affected first

Is wrong

And they are instead

Being affected the least

And that the path of the majority

Is the path being affected at greater amplitude?

Then as the environ factor causing malfunction increases

Those being tagged as abnormal will normalize and those in the majority will rise to another (differing) parameter of reactive state

That’s actually possible and better explains…..all of it.

You’re welcome.

Now I’m going back to sleep.

So flow the seven deadly sins

Don’t worry about having too much pride, worry about not having enough humility.

For a man with no pride and no humility is filled with despair.

And a man who is both prideful and humble only finds confusion but not death.

Don’t worry about having too much greed, because greed never sees itself anyway and the greediest man will believe he is forever put out.

But strive for giving in all things, with all heart and mind, give of yourself to smoothe the way of others and help those who need care.

For those who are neither greedy nor giving, are empty hulls of mute accusation, and no honor lives within them.

But those who are both greedy and giving, are merely finding their way between acceptance of themselves and the acceptance of themselves by fellow man.

Don’t worry about having a lustful mind, for all things must procreate to live on. But remember how humanity kissed your own brow, and suffered your existence.

Find equality in both men and women, male and female… then you will also find respect within and for the self.

No lust at all and no respect at all leads only to cold hearted dominance of much that is owned and controlled.

But to have both lust and also respect is to move with great potential for understanding many sides of man in contradicted being.

Do not worry for feeling the tug of envious progression, for purpose is often grown from seeds of admiration. But the love of others in place of envy, brings independence and creativity.

Those who are both envious and loving, are truly devils that undermine all they hold in high regard.

Those who are neither envious nor loving or independent, are solitary hermits with little grace and even less realities.

Therefore, the deadly sin of envy is an exception … Where choice must be made of one path or the other. You cannot be both without remaining tandemed.

Do not worry about swimming in gluttony, for every plenty highlights every restriction. And how else to prove character in time of lack?

But strive to be skeptical and examine what you consume. Do not plunge headfirst into relief, with no caution for traps of habit.

If you are both skeptical and gluttonous, no man will trust you and all will hate you.

But if you are neither gluttonous nor skeptical or discerning, the joys of life will be lost to you completely.

Therefore work for being skeptical and discerning, but do not worry how much gluttony the gluttonous day might glut or hold.

As a wise woman once said, “there are worse things in life than being alone.” And discernment often requires an nth to achieve the unknown x.

Do not worry about the flow of anger through a peaceful soul. Wrath alone has never been evil, and to care deeply for some often means to anger deeply at others.

If you both care and anger on the same day, you become your own savior and every sunset will be confused. No man can stand within wrath and caring both, without making every burden a greater weight and future paths shadowed in darkness.

But if neither angry nor caring, then apathy is the gift you give unto others and motivation is only taken but never given. The opposite of anger is not love, the opposite of anger is hope.

Finally … Do not worry about being a lazy bum. For Christ’s sake, we all need a moment for doing absolutely nothing. Messy lives often live in very neat homes. Neat lives can be found in stys.

Attempt to be industrious and at day’s end be able to state, “I did thus and thus.” For this feedith pride, and so circles back to sin number one, and we begin again.

If you are neither industrious nor slothful, circles are broken and such sheep live for bleating and little else.

But if both industrious and the biggest slob …if both neat and lazy, then perhaps wisdom sets the gate between cycles of sin itself. For only by holding still, do we move.

They say no man is an island, but one man’s island is another man’s paradise.

Do both first three, hop over fourth, do both last 3, then upon last cycle, decide 4 …. To love or to envy …. And this will decide the way home.

So flow the seven deadly sins. Not to hell …but perhaps to somewhere, unburied.


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1. You make it too ridiculous to send you a note. Your contact page has no actual way available to contact you.

2. Security issue with home page and browser link.

Wal-Mart has written some kind of code into their website to cause:


The app opened lists the window as the name of the link, and is not any browser app, because the only browser installed on my system launches in a separate window. The link is therefore either launching its own app or some other process using webview.

So instead of putting a link on the homepage, walmart was able to somehow install a process onto the system.

So you might want to ask them how they did that.

This is an alarming security flaw. I double checked, same results.

Browser used is Microsoft Edge.

Launcher used is Square Home

Platform is Motorola G6, Android 8.0