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so can we look the other way?

mostly if i go selfish, it is like a third polarizing element for U.S. political beliefs. just when we got this thing figured out there is a new question: “are you for Israel or are you for Palestine?”

to me the “grieving families” look like staged over-acting. many of the bodies have color and not the gray of death, plus no rigor-mortis. and i don’t understand that. there is focus on images of the gray buildings of the inner-city when plenty of farmland and nicer areas in Gaza.

my conclusion is that the U.S. is painted a picture of ghetto-type existence which is then affronted even MORE by a “haphazard destruction.” so that is so completely and thoroughly manipulated that actual understanding is limited.

on CBS they showed footage one day that appeared pro-Israel, the next day they showed the same footage with a different translator for the Hamas leader, they re-dubbed it with a new soundtrack that made him sound more indignant. i mean …. heavens sakes.

so ……….. since the fact is that Hamas turned down at least one cease-fire proposal at beginning and then turned down another as well as being the first to launch rockets, my conclusion is that they are instigating the harm on their own people.

as for the crime of requiring pity and backing then for that …..? i don’t know. because in our culture we call them on it, when people look for situations to get hurt so they can blame someone. is like the hot coffee mcdonalds lawsuits or something. not that trivial but in the same vein and so what are we to think?

if you go on google maps with satellite view, there is all kinds of farms and land surrounding that huge mass of people in Gaza. which means there are ample places for rocket-launching and all that in other areas than in the middle of the city. which means they WERE using human shields and that is and was the plan to protect their weapons. which of course, if they were not would take one day and few bombs to eliminate the constant bombing into Israel. so tactically can’t blame them a whole lot for that tactic, but also have to ask why there is such a need to bomb and have those structures in the first place?

so are we looking at parental responsibility? plus did MORE people move into the Gaza city area and densely populate it for the single purpose of protecting a military depot and base of operations? and what are the options when this sort of tactic is employed and then capitalized upon?

the loss of life is the result of too few troops to handle the business of dismantling this “inner city” military base. when you don’t have enough troops to simply overwhelm, the bit by bit approach gets messy.

please don’t hate me or this blog for trying to logically look at the situation and put in a little critical analysis. I want to understand and just throwing up a bleeding heart for murdered children does not make me feel ‘good’ about myself — because i just do not like parents that use children like that and it kind of looks like they ARE …… which since we don’t have many parallels in our own culture i am just not sure how to respond.


Reality through the eyes of text-predict

Text predict is like the wake-up call on just how predictable your words and sentences are or have become. It’s like its own word game, with the push to be more predictable, not less. For the record, I find it takes more energy to verify words than to just type them.

Someday I hope there is an efficiency expert branch to computer science. A quality control where they say, “Back to the drawing board!” instead of “Way cool! We can do that?”



out of the crazy into the sane

so in miniature
to work the problem
out of tied

yet multiplicity of indications
render discernment origin
in higher probabilities
to be a meter,

easy way out
nothing’s going to work
can’t drive a car
that happens to be a tree

do you believe in yourself
what does that even mean?
heroes save the world from stupid
yet stupid saves the world from mediocrity

and all the ants go marching on
who saves the world from complex contrabands?
because the view
is from the one to the many
witty particles conform to electricity
darting around in all that
grayed meter

i keep going back to the one thing
to a stubborn belief that feathers have choices
when the bird goes to flap its wings

person of action is automatically guilty
watch kids run and jump into the pool
not me
cautious was how self created all life as special
what are big toes for?

did you know how precisely i can drive a car?
top speed and make it do things unreal but i don’t
play that note
like a splashed stone the fear goes out from you in waves

but i can

if i know the course i can push things as far as they go
so smile a lot
with tendered brain that takes notes
duty means to work for every other person ever met
to serve reality

(one head on the platter was always an interesting gift)
the next day can let go and let god

fear me?
fear yourself … the quashing of the adept means time is short


[image from Ryse: Son of Rome video game]

the shove to better push

so there are children refugees
Libya too dangerous to stay
Israel and Palestine


Syria chemical weapons
Ukraine earth to air weapons
crashing planes

at some point we are going
to have to figure out a better system
than the greater distraction

tennis match
heads turning
back and forth
who will hit the ball next?

we worked so HARD to be at each other’s throats
GOP on one side
reasonable people on the other
like a chemically reactive state
ping pong bash

now the question of who sides with what
the scream, “corruption!”
the scream, “propaganda!”
the rolling eyes that have no choice
because it comes down to one thing in conflict

conflict is the forgiven break from work

eat, poop, and die
our one redeeming chore
you think man is higher than that?
he’s not
this hell has been designed
specifically with millions of roads
that go nowhere
and sing repeated songs

but that is one side of the coin only
a coin bought with eager minds

the perfect traps
will tomorrow remember who you are?
will your silence awaken?
will the soul champion whispered ties?

a short sword was made for longer battles
and so time will smile
because we never were far apart

[image from Ryse: Son of Rome video game]
[image from Ryse: Son of Rome video game]
balanced history

before you get dessert

so i make one mention of mrs. Clinton bobbing head like bobble head doll and now there are bobble head dolls going up in weather balloons and the amazon ad in my inbox is selling custom made bobble heads and if this goes on much longer is going to drive me crazy …. trust me, it’s a short trip! lol … no really i understand the math of probabilities and the psychology of filtered perceptions. even so stuff like this is piling up like this is the summer of coincidence. usually i try to make light, but it kind of freaks me out. so dear universe, knock it off and i promise i’ll eat my peas…..