covered back to head

for every time i said it wrong
for every wind that banged its gong
for every day i hoped to see
the better parts that thrived in me

when you whistle only tunes
then only notes will fill a room
and one day i hope to master
reasoned thoughts of falling faster

to the drift of journeyed minds
where no hunt is all you’ll find
and then on aspects of that day
a soul’s respect will have its say

if burdens take you down
if heavy words are empty sounds
and if a darkness crowds the facts
for all frustrations love compacts

then go and listen to the trees
allow your soul its bloody knees
regard the place where worlds divide
when next and next are side by side

for every time i said it wrong
for thoughts and words that clashed in song
for memories held as bitter lights
i say good day, you say good night



glass houses are stoned

we ask for peace
and then have to decide
the meaning of peace

what is the meaning of a bad day?
a bad year
a bad century
peace divided by time =
20,000 ways to be sorry
in the aftermath

tend your own garden
hoe your own row
how is anger inspired?
sign said “BITCHCRAFT:
making others angry
by telling them the truth.”

what kind of truth is in peace
what is this great search or destination
this abject crucifixion
upon civilization
a song was promised
and so steps are steps
bridging the gaps
between here and never there…


birds greet the day
and sorrow hopes to see the sun
but if you can’t get there walking,
then you run

and if running wears you down
then you find the wings to fly
a life is only bitter
from cold depths between your eyes

find me now
where human feet touched older roads
where they knew the better path
to turn around and dos-see-dough

like the pages of a book
like the stardust in the sea
did you ever find a rock
that wasn’t free?

if running wears you down
then you settle on the shore
for only waves will understand
no more….
no more….

find me now
and i’ll parry warm delights
for tender strengths you hate in me
i’ll offer up to kill the night

open arms for open days
open lives in open plays
… did you think that less left more between the lines?
or did they wonder where to find a truth
when all that’s known is lies?

weary man will greet the day
endurance always sees the sun
but when you can’t get there walking,
then you run

from the bullet in your brain
where hate decides that life is pain
did you see the hole where hope once made its home?
i gave the best from me
with words in paths and minds that be

the day’s not over
thought gave us her all
find wings that let you fly
and i’ll run hard to touch the sky
for in the end
when spite lets sorrow eat your brain
i will laugh with those before me
who marked time as timed insane …

find me now
and i’ll tell you where I’ve been
the roads are older paths
where grandma walked on needles
do you see the birds?
they’re singing
notes practiced wearing thin …

and if you can’t get here walking
how does fear make armies run?
in woven spirits held together
light will always turn the sun

and if we can’t get there running
then we’ll bless the wings that fly
quiet prayers for every hope that passes by…

find them now
while human feet touched older roads
then countless pain knew better paths
and countless joy knew dos-see-doughs

for bringing edges of tomorrow
turn around to see you see
how wonder fades to treasured mournings
where my heart has always been

like the pages of a book
like the stardust in the sea
did you ever find a rock
that wasn’t free?


keep it up, one, two, four

i cringe when anyone mentions militarization of police. nobody complains until they come for you, and then you’re all over it. if police are needing to get more violent, then maybe citizens (folks!) are getting more violent. or maybe police budgets have been cut so far that most cities no longer have adequate numbers of peace-keepers. calling the U.S. a police-state is an insult to good police-states everywhere. i say we appreciate our law-enforcement and don’t make it so hard for them to do their jobs. think of it this way — if we didn’t have an ocean between us and Gaza … a large part of our population would go running off to play in a war-zone.

why is that? think about what spurs the need for violence, and the human psych that yearns for efficacy.

no easy answer to violent demonstrations and riots. because it is the slow long-haul of providing decent jobs and living wages and enough opportunity and enough education and enough equality — that give people (folks!) a purpose in life and a greater reason to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

if you’re worried about over-zealous police, buy them a donut and some coffee, and ask how their day is going. it’s not that hard. and until we have checkpoints and armed men on every sidewalk, let’s not panic about “militarization.” try to remember what side you are on. this is the United States of America. the police have jobs to do, and if you don’t like the law they enforce, then you change the laws. if you don’t like how they are outfitted or armed, ask their wives or husbands or children what they feel about it.

fact is that peace starts with education. always did. so if there is less peace, what’s our next step?


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