Obama is not another word for United States

i’m noticing a lot of news articles are using the term “Obama” in place of the much more appropriate term, “the United States.” 

try this for an exercise, every time you see “Obama” in a headline, see if it makes more sense saying “the United States mobilizes against Ebola.” or “the United States has a plan for Iraq.” 

the President is not alone on his decisions, so if not willing to use the term “United States” ….. at least declare “Eileen and Obama levy sanctions against Russia.”  because i, for one, support him.

if we want to look at the obvious objective of using the term “Obama” instead of “United States” …. ‘Obama’ is used to inspire dissent, while the few times ‘United States’ is used then is the psychological equivalent of using “we” in rhetorical criticism. 

like, we are big, fat, stupid manipulators, aren’t we? 

so if i build this website do they come?

being desperate for design
feels like a well rising up inside
if released will go nowhere

tension bound with foreshadowing
the stage is always better served
with ambivalence
the objectifying that approaches scorn

change is best done on impulse
let the force guide?
let something guide
other than wishes to debunk insecurity

if there is spirit, it is the Whole
and if we are to move
let it be with grace
rather than prized



I think life is not
so much positive and negative
as it is easy and hard.
And the idea is that the positive
will make everything easier.

But falsehood
and being false to yourself especially,
only complicates things. It’s when
we have people in our lives
that accept the good
and the bad

…that’s what makes things easier at the end of the day.



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