if we could see the air

if you could see
the air that you breathe
would you care that it’s changed
to a less optimal range?

if its parts were different colors
other than clear and confused
would you see the black of poisons
and be much less amused?

if we could really see
the tender gifts of life we breathe
would there be a consolation of divine?
would a life then
freely know
how a next life then would go
and then forever has no relevance to time

see, there’s more to earth and sky
more to movement and to tries
within the changing of our ways
create a different type of day

yet while limits bloom and set
the hands are bound
while needs are met
but then our questions that arise
are served with blanks and empty eyes
how is good the only best that life can get….

if we could SEE the air
see truly passion bind with flair
then mark the distance with a different kind of thumb

well then the next step would find a smile
for every foot that walked a mile
and every breath
that tells our hearts that we are young

if we could see the air
see the poison’s wild nightmare
and cry out in one voice and one heartache born to decide
then maybe Earth
would be our home
and maybe none could walk alone
for maybe life itself
would find us on its side


how to change an accepted theory after everything for centuries piles on

you might think i’m crazy
and of course that doesn’t matter
because we all know i already

however …
look at the process of SUGAR
the body gets a burst of energy
because it registers the degree
of sugar relevant to how much
plant material should be present
along with that sugar

so the body believes it has all this
matter to absorb waste and remove it
from the body
but instead that waste does not
get removed ……… becomes
stored as fat

those are much shorter steps
than believing the body
processes (burns) the sugar
uses that for energy and
then has another process
that converts sugars into
fats which then are stored
but only in some people
and it then explains extra
energy you somehow get
when there is NO fuel
and NO food as a matter
of adrenalin or other processes
and we have multiple
theories and shoring for
the premise behind the
the theory where that began

at the TIME when metabolic theories
were created
the way to “create” heat or energy
was to burn something in a furnace

SO — that process was transposed
onto metabolic understandings
where all food must then be “fuel”
that was going into our “furnace”
even within later science, the
element of “calorie” was and is
an extremely simplistic measurement
of FIRE — how much heat or fire
comes from a food when it is burned

there might be some parallel correlation
between a caloric content
and the degree that food works
then to absorb wastes
but it would be a reverse correlation

and within that, we can then establish
the inaccuracies that occur
within bodies that do not fit the model

of feeding food into a stomach or body
like it is a furnace, where the amounts
and then exertions should be completely
and equally matched

yet metabolic reality is that they are not …
it would be as if you placed 2 cords of wood
into a stove and lit it with the wood
evaporating with no heat
or if you had no wood and the
furnace was producing heat anyway
in some sort of magical event

if food is NOT the fuel
but rather air itself is fuel
and food is extremely necessary to
remove the waste material
from energy-fusion

then it becomes something that
might hold better accuracy
and understanding
for human and animal metabolism

and in this way
the human body is not like a furnace
that burns food as fuel
with waste that is somehow ashes
but are not ashes….

but is rather, like a nuclear
reactor that uses a chemical
reaction to produce energy
and food is the matter which
absorbs the waste from that
fusion process

the application of understanding
and theories for function
are always and will always be
only models or mimics of that
which is currently seen or understood

but over time
when a theory falls so completely apart
as has our theories on metabolism….

(i was going to make a list
but just google “how to loose fat”
or google “the best diet”
or anything on health for that matter)

over time when those theory fall so
completely apart and every new
shoring for that theory becomes
less effective and more complicated
at the same time …

it is time to look at the initial
“understandings” themselves

so i am right
because it makes more sense
than what we have in explanations now

i’m right

i have a new theory for metabolism
create the energy, not food
but food absorbs the byproducts
of the hormone-fusion.
if you do not have enough food
removing the fusion waste
that waste form energy-creation
builds up as fat
so the body signals out
for more food to remove
the hormone-fusion waste
but when it is not the right kind
or type
or maybe just overly mixed up
with all kinds of sources
in one thing (recipe)
then the food does not
do its job
to remove the hormone-waste
(in the way that we have scrubbers
to remove carbon dioxide from the air)

and so the hormone-fusion waste
builds up and is what we call

the fusion happens
when air breathed in combines
with elements of the body
and you have a production of energy

so food IS needed to absorb/remove waste
but the factor of fat and the factor
of food intake
are on a parallel correlation
and not a direct correlation to each other

i think this better explains the function of our bodies….have to remember that when current theories were developed, they were simply a matter of mapping the structure since microscopes were designed, and then applying a theory of mechanics TO that. and so our current theories of metabolism follow the old theories of mechanics where there was less expediency and more redundant intricacy.

the “hormone-fusion” is a guess, btw — but point on that is there is a fusion process between air and the body to create energy, which then produces a waste product that food (and water?) remove.

explains why “fad” diets have quick weight loss results, since generally focus on one type or item of diet intake. and explains current trends for raw and whole foods. explains how fat is NOT stored energy, because if it WERE, fat people would have all these reserves of energy to use, which we know we do NOT.

also explains better why simply reducing food intake does not always result in fat-loss. and why the theories that our bodies adjust and create a “starvation-response” and therefore do not lose the fat — why those have never made any sense. because if fat is reserved “food-energy” then a store of ‘fat’ would register as a non-starved state.

but since ‘fat’ is more likely a stored waste …… then we even have an explanation as to why physicians can “suck” the fat out of a person without causing huge metabolic repercussions.

on giving cancer patients bald barbie dolls

Mattel is being “kind” by making specialty dolls?

we all have those corporations that we believe-in …. like i believe in Microsoft until one of their updates messes things up again. i still think that when having any type of illness or disability, a person is not their illness and to identify and circle themselves strongly around that is not mentally healthy. yes, reality is something to face, but human being is much more than emphasized differences.

under that philosophy, we would be giving the elderly in care homes figurines or posters with men in diapers–in our own homes there would be pictures of people with canes or i have sinusitis so i should surround myself with images that remind me i can’t breathe? but i don’t do that.

children love anything if it comes with attention — an acknowledgement that they matter. dwelling on the facets of a disability for any person, adult or child — can result in despair.

and again, the psychology of a wheel chair doll or a bald doll is for the sake of saying we are all different and all special in our own ways. like using them as a stand against conformity or exclusions. yet in that process, are simply creating a new group and new exclusions.

it is then the same debate as to whether have special education classes for disabled children, or to keep them mainstreamed. and most of the conclusions are that children do better when not excluded according to their PERCEIVED disabilities or differences.

when everybody goes home, and the child is left with a toy that mimics the one thing that has changed their life forever … if they see it and smile –THAT is called innocence. if my grandmother had given me a demonstrably FAT doll as a child, i might have thought that was cool. at the time……but once the innocence faded, i would seriously wonder how much she hated me. it opens the door to the possibility that the fat was all she noticed and nothing else i did mattered. it was only how i looked that mattered.

toys and educational toys have great impact, especially since they are mass-produced. in my early childhood development classes, were given not just lists of better toys but the psychology of why one will create better results than another. when i taught elementary-level computer science (in the days of the floppy disc) the kids responded much better to programs that had their progress right up front. a positive reinforcement of achievement. now how is having to shoulder a disability, something you should turn into an achievement? a prize, a trophy. i’m not saying that can’t be done — i’m saying should it be done?

you have families already stressing with all the time and energy it takes when a child is in the hospital or permanently disabled — as the child grows the question WILL arise that does my family resent me …resent my needs? that happens with everyone, even those not facing serious illness. if all they return in observation is that you are your illness, then the answer is yes — they must resent me. because i am apart. i am alone. i am the doll with the bald head and i am loved because of my illness, not despite it.

yes grandma

yes though i
was angry
about not going
to a funeral
or the gravesite
and fought
later for

i am SO glad
we didn’t get
” grief dogs”
we just had pets

we didn’t
go to a
child therapist
we hugged you
sang in the

we didn’t
as survivors
of a

but centered
on the
that each day
each one
of us
is lucky to
be alive

yes grandma,
i was angry
i wanted to
i wanted to
say good-bye
but you
made us say hello
to reality
in a different

you showed us
love could
heal many things
your strength
and gave us
a window
to the world
that might look
out on
but never… not once
shut those
on a day
yes grandma
i was not
the perfect
you were
not the
perfect mom

we were a

you pick up the
and move on

you hold tight
to those
you love
and you
don’t sweat
the distance

you don’t
sweat the dreams
and love
more than memories

yes grandma
it was
better your way
better the
you gave
us promise
and promise
gave us foundations
better than graves

now you are
gone, too
but i get it now
when i found
you alone
talking to her…

i get it now